Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference Sunday

In Miami we woke up to a beautiful DRY 72 degrees. (Someone else wrote that on Facebook and I copied...being 'dry' is an amazing feeling here.) So pretty much we had to take advantage and hit the park! Of course we wanted to show daddy how cool Palmetto Bay Park was, since he hasn't been before.
He's in a big swing! Where is my little boy going?!?!

Dad took Molly on her very first swing ride! She was not so much of a fan...haha!

Oh this boy. Best grin ever.
I don't know what it was, but he was SO in love with the swings that morning! Every push got a big grin and giggles!

They had a riot on this teeter-totter! I was surprised at how long they played on it, and how well!

Ruth singing. Of course.
A smile from the littlest babe! This was before she decided to have a blow-out diaper that went down the carseat and covered the stroller. It was awesome.

This park is so cool!
Sterling being artistic with the camera, haha.
Kisses for Molly!
Awww...what beautiful babies! And yes, the diaper explosion led to a naked baby. It's ok, even on a cool day in Miami it's warm enough to be naked (or diapered).
Ruth really loves this swing, and Will really hates it.
I don't do selfies Sterling took a mama photo for me...and posterity. Right? And no, I didn't brush my hair that morning or put on make up (except mascara) but at least you can't see how hairy my legs are, haha!
Then we had a wonderful afternoon listening to Conference. The second session was a bit rough since it went from 4-6 for us. We gave up at about 5:20 and just fed the kids dinner and put them to bed. At least there are lots of ways for us to catch that last hour another time! There were so many amazing talks and insights. Sterling and I already have two specific talks that we want to study together. I feel like there was a lot of firm and direct instruction given in the talks, I loved it. The prophets know exactly what they are talking about because it comes straight from our Heavenly Father and I feel so blessed to get that knowledge to help navigate my own little life and family!


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Kayli said...

You are very adorable and I love your shirt and want it.

Kami said...

Go up a size in diapers if she's having blow-outs that much. And I wanted to say that I KNEW you would protest that I said that about not having anyone to talk to. Lindsay--you kept me sane these past two weeks! Only you tend to have more of a life than the rest of us so your gone more to parks and zoos and swimming. Thank you for talking to me all the time too though!!! You're the best!

Ben and Beth said...

I love you and your adorable family!!! And that batman shirt is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family :)

Cathy Vargas
Vintage Girls

The Haws Family said...

That's so sweet, thanks so much :)