Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Bridge

Our awesome friend showed us this great Miami attraction:

See that in the background? That massive bridge? That is what connects Miami to Key Biscayne (the island that had the beach with the lighthouse). Danica and I drove it the day after we got to Miami. She tried to get pictures, but it was getting dark. Now that I know Miami, it seems a lot more familiar than that very first, wild ride in the CRAZY rain with crazy toll booths that I was not used to yet. But back to this day. It was beautiful. We were going to walk across the entire bridge, but there was some confusion and none of us knew where to park, so we ended up walking half the bridge, meeting up with another girl, and walking back. Then it connected to this BEE-autiful walking path. 

What really makes me laugh about these pictures is that the day before we had invited a bunch of girls to our pool. So we ended up with six of us (I think) swimming...only it was freezing and raining and the babies thought it was definitely too cold. I may becoming somewhat of a Miamian, cough-cough, because I think our pool water is getting CHILLY! So in lieu of swimming we all came to my house and had hot chocolate. It's October, right? So the very next day we walk this bridge and are DYING in the heat. It was 90. So of course, the kids ended up swimming in the ocean. I guess that's what October in Miami means, one day you're freezing (ok, ok, it was only 75 degrees, it wasn't really freezing) and the next you're swimming in the ocean!

Someone said those flowers are a weed, but it definitely made a gorgeous contrast on the beach with the white sand.

We ended up coming home very wet, sandy, and salty. It was gorgeous though! Yay for October in Miami!

And a beautiful picture of Molly to end:

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Kami said...

It is beautiful. Looks like fun!