Wednesday, October 1, 2014


People keep asking me who Molly looks like, or telling me how she looks EXACTLY like so-and-so. 
I think she looks a lot like Ruth, minus the nose. Their eyes, their heads, their little puckered lips, their long, long lashes...I think it looks really similar. So here are some comparison pictures, because I think that sort of thing is fun.

Tiny leg pictures! Oh I love it! 

Same dress pictures. So cool! (Poor Ruth, I was not as great of a picture-taker back in the day, plus my camera was lame sauce.)

I've noticed this, and I am SO glad I have picture proof: they both hold/held their hand like that ALL the time. Adorable. 

So yeah, they aren't twins, but I still think they look a lot alike.

And Will? He doesn't look anything like either of them. But man, he had some STYLIN' hair going on!

And this one just to show that Ruth really was redheaded from the get-go, even if the other photos kinda hid that fact:


Bridget Cunningham said...

Great post!!! Some of the pictures I can't tell who is who... so ya, i'll say they look pretty similar haha

Cindy Ball said...

I think you proved your point!