Thursday, October 16, 2014

Little Bit o' Life

Molly went swimming in the pool for the first time on Tuesday. I've tried putting her feet in the water before, and she just cried, but this time she liked it! She fell asleep and stayed asleep in my arms in the water for quite some time. Long enough for my neck to be sore for the next three days because of how I had my arm around her. It was totally worth it though. She is the sweetest ever and holding sleeping babies just can't be beat.

If I'm not mistaken (sometimes that happens with these sorts of things) that was my swimming suit as a baby!

All wrapped up after her morning swim! 
We were at our friend Brittany's pool and they have these pillars with a shower--it was a hit with the kids, that's for sure!

Ruth's face in this next picture. It is just the sweetest angle ever. She is absolutely the prettiest little toddler there ever was in existence. 

Random picture, I know, but there is just something about all those arms and legs and toes splayed out on the couch that makes my heart a little sad about babies growing up and such, but a little 'awww so sweet' at the same time.

Today we went to the park. After a super long appointment, so the kids were happy to get out of the van and be done with Miami and their traffic. So was I.

On our way to the park we picked up a friend for Ruthie. Her older brothers and sisters are homeschooled (the only possible way to do school in our area) so I decided it was perfect if she could get out of the house plus Ruthie gets a friend --hopefully we can do it more often because they had a blast!

This is hilarious. Ruth was sitting all nicely on the floor holding Molly and Will was walking past and I said "hey Will, sit by Ruthie and say 'cheese' so I can take a picture!" So he sits down and scoots up behind Ruth and puts his arm around her. Not at all what I intended, but they make a cute little train! 
PS I do not beat my children, Will fell off the bed. I can't remember what the bruise on the other side of his forehead is from, but the massive new bruise is from falling off Ruth's bed. It was really sad too, poor kid. 
I'm somewhat confused on the clothes situation for Molly. I know I kept all of Ruth's clothes. I must have pulled out more of them then I realized to put into the "winter" bin when we were moving. But then I must have gotten a lot more handed down to me that I didn't have before? There are so many unfamiliar outfits and yet none of the ones I remember! So strange. These purple pajamas are the cutest thing ever--no idea where they came from--but so adorable!

Ruth's cheeser! (Almost makes up for what a menace she was today. Almost. Ok, kidding, it totally does. It's a good thing kids are so wonderful!)
Ruthie REALLY has been wanting to man my big camera and I continually tell her no. Apparently I should let her more often because look at the shots she gets!:

Cutest. Boy. Ever.
He is still the cutest boy ever. Posing with your finger up your nose is the newest thing, haven't you heard?

Also, chewing your toenails. My kids are topnotch. Haha.

One more picture of Molly. Those cheeks. THE BEST. She has gotten so SQUISHY lately! I can't handle it. I kiss her and smoosh her and eat her up all the time--which might be why I can't seem to get Ruth and Will to leave her alone either. She is just so soft and squishy and wonderful! Babies are the best. Absolute best. Even when she cried from 5-10pm today. Still. Look at those cheeks again. Nothing better. I want baby cheeks to kiss forever.


Kayli said...

Those pajamas are from me!!! I have a picture even of Hazel wearing them. I was going to say that as soon as I saw the picture of Molly, and then I read that you were wondering where you got them.

I love the picture of Ruth holding Molly and cheesing it. Adorable!!!

Kayli said...

p.s. I think I need a baby. And it has to be a girl. So you have to keep all the clothes I gave you and send them back. When this happens, which is when I talk Brett into it, which may take a great deal of time.

Bridget Cunningham said...

Your blog is so amazing! And I love the pictures of you holding Molly in the pool you are so tan! And your bicep is pretty awesome too! Do you every make your blog into a book? I just heard about this Blurb website or something like that, that does it. It makes me want to blog better and be like you so I can make books!