Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Is this not THE most precious picture you have seen in your LIFE?!?! I thought so. Look at those eyelashes! Definitely glad I married such a winner in the eyelash genes department. He has graciously bestowed them upon both of our girls, which is a good thing, since mine are not nearly as thick or as long or as dark. Ruth's are absolutely enchanting and Molly's are well on their way!
 Back to the photo above. Look at that hand all curled up next to her face! And her cheek resting nicely on her chest! And that adorably fine baby hair! Guys, I can not get over how fast this baby is growing up on me. Today I had to just take a minute and look at her. How is she growing at all? Can't she stay a newborn FOREVER?! Neither of my other babies seemed to grow THIS fast. Sheesh. Also, she is tall and it makes me sad because she can wear size SIX MONTHS pajamas, because she fits them in length. But she can still wear some of her newborn summer outfits that don't have any sort of leg to them. It's all about the length. Craziness. I'm not so happy about the pajama thing. Tonight I put her in size 3 month pajamas and they were stretched to their limit in length. She is only two months old! And how she got to be that old is really beyond me. Also, just for the record, today she was an absolute angel. Pretty much no fussy times at all. It was heavenly. But I kinda missed holding her and felt a little bit like I wasn't taking good enough care of her because she wasn't demanding it today. I'll take it as a good break though and hope she still sleeps well tonight.
I don't think there have ever been two cuter sisters in existence.

Now, for some *awesome* dance moves:

In the background you can see the play stove we made in-between Conference sessions on Saturday. It used to have glued-on buttons, but those have since been pulled off. It is not Wyatt's purple masterpiece, but I'm giving it an A for effort. Especially since the kids have been playing with it CONSTANTLY! 
Push-up dance move. It's becoming a classic at our house.
OH yeah, Ruth can do somersaults now and it is the BEST! She goes REALLY SLOWLY until her legs kinda fall forward for the last little bit. Seriously, the best. 
And that concludes this chapter of life at the Haws Household, feel free to tune in again soon.

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