Friday, October 24, 2014

Miss Molly Fay

I cannot get enough of her. She is just so beautiful. And SMILEY! She smiles all of the time. Really, every single time you look at her and pay attention to her she is all smiles. More than my other kids ever were. It is so precious. 
We get a lot of half-smiles.
And really big smiles--but they are really hard to catch on camera.

So inquisitive. 
The cheeks on the chest never get old. 
Another half-smile.

Ten tiny toes.
My girls.
Sterling and I were having a conversation about how our family should never change. Ruth should always be a toddler, Will should always be our tiny little man, and Molly should always be a perfect baby. It just seems natural and right. They are all so great right now and fit their roles so perfectly. Plus, I love having all of them so little. They are constantly touching and just around. No one is old enough to go off on their own. Which can drive me crazy--but I am already sad for the day that they will go off and I won't know what's happening every moment of their lives. Sigh. Babies are the best. Best to smooch on, best to tickle and tease, best to bug. Haha.

In other news, we had the missionaries over yesterday and I served baked potatoes and chili. One of the elders was SO EXCITED to have a potato. He said he hasn't had any form of potato except maybe fries, his entire mission. I told him that was a true tragedy. The sisters were talking about how chili reminded them of Halloween and they were so excited to have some. The last elder, from Mexico, was watching everyone intently, watched the other elder cut open his potato and fill it with chili and put sour cream and cheese on top, then he looks up and says "It's like a taco with a potato!" as if he finally understood what was going on. It was hilarious. I told him he was not getting a true American experience by serving in Miami--which led the discussion to what Miamians actually were. Cuban. Haitian. Guatemalan. Colombian. Brazilian. and Jewish. Haha. Oh Miami, you're so interesting! Oh, then we had angel food cake and the same elder that was excited about potatoes said "I didn't know you could actually make this, I thought you had to buy it at a store!" Haha. Now, to be honest, I made it out of a box. I just thought it was a hilarious comment though because, obviously, the store would have had to make it at least! 

It's been raining for four days straight. We went to the zoo on Monday, it rained that afternoon (so glad we went in the morning!) and its been raining ever since. So it is just hot and muggy and miserable. I'm about out of rainy day ideas so I'm hoping it stops soon! 

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