Monday, October 27, 2014

Four Rainy Days

We had four rainy days right in a row last week. It made for a lot of INSIDE time, which I've become very unaccustomed to. Usually Miami rains (indescribably torrentially) and then instantly becomes sunshine. Not this week. It was RAIN--Y! 

One day we made play dough. Ruthie in her cute apron.
There is this MASSIVE puddle (puddle? maybe small lake?) that forms in our parking lot every time it rains. It is on the way out of the complex, so everyone has to pass through it. Add in four days of rain and this thing was GINORMOUS! Right before I took this picture a truck drove through and the water was well over half-way on the wheels on that far side where the water meets the grass. See how the speed bump just disappears on that side? That water was at least a foot deep. We ran through puddles one day (we got soaked coming out of Target) and Will couldn't even make it through. It was hilarious. There is a drain right there, but it just gets too full and stops draining. The rain here is INTENSE. I don't know how to describe it. Being from the west, I have never experienced anything like it.

Luckily, the rain finally subsided on Saturday and we got in a day at the park with dad before he went to a health fair in Little Haiti. Called that because, obviously, it's a neighborhood made up of Haitians. I dropped him off. Not going to lie, I was a little scared. But gas was 25 cents cheaper so we stopped and filled up! (Sterling filled up, I don't think I would have by myself, even for the price.) He had a marvelous time and just added it to the ever-growing list of all the reasons why he is so glad we chose to come to Miami for med school. Where else would he have been able to experience a health fair quite like that? Nothing quite like the inner parts of a massive city. 

Then on Sunday we had gorgeous weather again and headed out on a walk. Which led to a park. Which led us to experience another city-dwelling moment. People use parks in Utah. But they also have the entire mountainside to play on. Miami? There's the beach or there's a park. In cool weather? Miamians are chickens, so there's really only the park. People REALLY use their parks. We have never walked over on a Sunday evening---or maybe they are getting more busy now that the weather is cooling off. It was a GORGEOUS 75 degrees on Sunday evening. There were three soccer games going on separate fields, two volleyball games going, lots of spectators for every sport, lots of age groups playing, and then the actual playground was PACKED with the few kids who didn't fit into the age groups of the games. You could tell it was families that were all joining in on games. Also, the latino music! So LOUD and so happy sounding. Haha. Walking outside my front door seems to be a cultural experience here, and as much as I miss home, I'm enjoying the experience!

She is a big hand-eater. Right here she was trying to stuff BOTH fists into her mouth. Haha.

Starting to catch the sunset.
As soon as the sun started setting I was racing home, because as nice as endless summer also means endless mosquitoes. Ruff. I love Sundays.


Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

What a beautiful sunset and your daughter has the best smile. I dread the rainy season but my daughter loves the puddles.

Anonymous said...

Sterling has a beautiful smile. His teeth are perfect.
Fun times.