Monday, November 3, 2014

End of a Season

We went swimming in our pool this week. Twice, actually. It was beautiful. Before living through a Miami summer I would have thought this weather was 'nice' and 'just a bit chilly, but totally swim-able'. I have acclimated. Ahem. If they heated pools here, you could swim year-round. But even though we still get some 90 degree days, we've had enough 70 degree ones to cool down that water. Ruth is AMAZING and still jumps in with only a gasp when she comes up and keeps on swimming. Will's swim time has been seriously reduced and he mostly just plays around the pool now. He still gets in and if I swim around with him he'll do ok, but even I get cold unless I am moving at all times. The point of ALL of that is to say, I think our summer might finally be ending. I know, its November, but we're transitioning from eternal summer to eternal 'late spring'. It's a beautiful feeling, actually. You can breathe when you go to the park and you might even make it through the experience without sweating like a banshee. Which means parks aren't limited to 8am anymore--today we were there until 1pm and it was still beautiful (bless that Miami breeze)! Mosquitoes aside, I am really, really loving the weather right now. It's also making me a little nostalgic that our pool days are limited. I mean, Ruthie JUST started jumping in from the side of the pool instead of the stairs! Look at her!
Mid-air. Also. That little bum. HAHA!!!!!
The after-splash.
The victorious jumper!
One of their favorite games of late is sliding down this banister.

That face!
More sliding.
I've given up on trying to get him to not drink pool water. It's a downhill battle. 
Watching the planes in the air is one of Will's favorite past-times while swimming. 

The chilly mornings (78 degrees, it's all relative) force us to go swimming in the late afternoons. That sun. Late afternoons in the water have a totally different feel than early mornings in the water. The sun hits differently, the water shines differently. Instead of a gloriously bright and energetic morning you have a sensational, calm and lazy afternoon. I love it. It is incredibly relaxing. (Until the mosquitoes hit, then we high-tail it outta there.)

While we might fit in a few more swim days, I bid you adieu pool, and thank you so very, very much for helping me survive my first Miami summer. It was brutal and you gave us reprieve. Also, you gave my kids an incredible boost of confidence in the water and I am so happy about that! Until next year! (March, right? It's gotta come fairly soon, I mean, this is Miami.)

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