Thursday, November 20, 2014


This boy keeps getting cuter and cuter and SO big!!!

This girl is also adorable.

Last Saturday we went to the park immediately when the kids woke up at 6:30am. We stopped at Publix and got a dozen doughnuts and some chocolate milk and headed over. Our van said it was 68 degrees. Ruth could NOT stop shivering, she had goosebumps all over, and she kept asking to go home because it was TOO cold! Haha. In retrospect, we should have brought jackets for the kids, but it really felt great! Then Sterling went to Sams Club with us and helped us unload the van before heading out to study for the entire day. Gotta love med school when the only time your husband can see the kids is 7am!!!

For some reason this whole playground reminded me strongly of Canada. Is there some wooden playground in Canada that is like this one? There really must be, because it seemed like it in my mind but I couldn't place where. Haha.

I was at the park by our house a couple days before this and a mom recognized me from library story time. She was super friendly and once she understood that we had recently moved here she started telling me all SORTS of information about things to do with your kids in the area. One of which was this park, and we really loved it, so thanks for the tip Marcella!

Parks are always so much more exciting when daddy comes!

This river reminded me of North Dakota, I told Sterling that it was similar in size to the river by our house in Minot. Plus the low wooden fence reminded me of Oak Park. Miami actually has a lot of these little 'rivers' all over the place---all the water has to go SOMEWHERE!

And that was our lovely morning with dad. Can't wait for him to take a test on Wednesday so we can enjoy a completely stress-free Thanksgiving!!!


Ben and Beth said...

That is the coolest park!!! Where is it? We will have to check it out...on a Saturday morning before Ben goes to study :) such a good idea!

Kayli said...

Super cute pictures of Will and Ruth. Ruth's hair was super cute!