Friday, November 21, 2014

Robert Is Here

Robert Is Here is literally where we went.

Lots of birds! Not that you can see them, but they sure made a lot of noise!
I just thought this was cool. 
So many places we want to go!
Two little monkeys. 
Tasting the honey. 
ALL the kinds of honey you could taste!

We had a blow-out diaper experience. The Asians were concerned. Haha.

This goat got a little too close and Ruth was not impressed. 

This rooster was my fav.

 We went to this place, Robert Is Here, and it was pretty neat. But we picked a hot and HUMID day to go (last Monday, winter weather here is ALL over the place) and I was thinking that we'd just play in the splash pad, only Miamians think its winter, so the water was turned off. So instead we wandered around and looked at all the exotic fruit. Because that is, after all, what Robert is Here is. A fruit stand. For tropical fruit. You can taste a lot of them. Plus a lot of kinds of honey. Then they make shakes with fresh tropical fruit--anything you want. I asked for recommendations and picked key lime. I LOVE key lime yogurt so I figured it was a safe bet. It was more like....a limeade shake. It was just so LIMEY! The kids did not like it, but it was actually quite refreshing. I wish you could taste test the shakes--so many kinds of fruit I've never tasted before! The honey was super crazy too, everything from dragon fruit to chili. The animals were fun but lazy. The funniest part was the Asian tourists we were waiting for our shake with. They didn't see Will in his seat under the stroller at first and when they saw him they jumped out of their skin and started talking crazy fast! Haha. They also pointed at Ruth's hair a lot, the baby a lot, her diaper a lot (I know, I really need to start carrying a second set of clothes. I actually did have a jacket in the van but it was SO HOT!) and just in general fawned over all the kids. It was entertaining. I want to take Sterling there sometime just because its so neat to see all the fruits! (and why don't I have pictures of the fruit stand? no idea.)


Bridget Cunningham said...

Two little mokeys pic.. Adorable!!!

Lindsey said...

Robert is Here...interesting name! Maybe they could have got a bit more creative. Looks like a fun place though!