Sunday, November 16, 2014

Molly Fay-3 months

This little one is the. cutest. baby. ever. Ever. ever. ever.
Exactly 3 months old in this pic.
Those eyes. Those cheeks. That tiny chin between the cheeks. That pink little lower lip protruding out. Her soft, soft perfectly baby skin. 

And so smiley! There is NOTHING better than a smiley baby. One that wasn't fussy every night would be nice, but she is getting better. Of course the night Sterling chose to stay home and spend some time with me instead of studying, she chose to revert back to full five-hour furor, but ya know. It seems to be shorter in length and she's getting better at sleeping, so onward and upward!

Those eyes.

Sometimes she looks like all limbs to me--such long arms and legs! Such a sweetheart.
She is just perfection. And that puddle of spit under her chin is pretty small considering she munches on her shirt continually. She pulls it up with her little fists and if she loses the fabric, then she just sticks with the fists--but her shirt always manages to get wet either way.

Funny smile. I love it. 
My heart, doesn't this photo just make you want to squeeze and snuggle and hold her all at once? I love her.

Christmas dresses. Okay, I know, I know, it is not Christmas yet. But Ruthie has been asking every SINGLE week to wear this 'red' dress since it came in the mail this summer. She never forgets, that girl. So this morning I thought---why not? Then they'll get the full use out of those things. They looked beautiful. That color on Molly is SOOO sweet. My little Snow White--she is such a princess! One lady that sat behind us in church today was so enraptured by Ruthie+dress+red hair that she asked Ruthie to take a picture with her on her phone afterward. No joke. Red hair in a predominantly Latin ward pretty much ensures celebrity status.

Ruth looks SO SWEET in this one.
Sister kisses.
PS my straightener broke today, hence the end of Ruth's curls. Sigh. 
No, we're not finished here. More pictures with the main man Will.
I know no one is looking (does that ever happen with more than one child?) but I really, really like this picture!
And Will running have no idea how many photos end up this way on my camera.
Everyone kiss the babe!
Gah, that smile. 
Three months with Molly Fay. I can't believe time has gone that quickly. Like I said, she is getting less fussy (a bit, but we'll take it!) and SO smiley. I love it. I don't think I ever posted her 2 month stats so here we are: Weight 11 pounds 14 ounces  Length 23.5 inches Head 15.5 inches. She's stopped sleeping in the swing and is now sleeping in the play pen in our room. (We have bunk beds on our future wish list so that we can put all three kids in one room, but if that doesn't happen for a year or so, I'm ok with her in our room.) She has slept through the night twice now, but not since then. She gets really fussy at 6:30pm when I'm starting to get the kids ready for bed, so if I can get her ready and nurse her while I read stories and sing to the kids then I can lay her down and lay them down all at the same time. Okay, so that has only happened for about a week and she doesn't always stay asleep, but its a good system in the making.

She loves her siblings even though they pinch and poke her. She likes the tub, although she still does that newborn startle when we first lay her in. Ruthie is really good at holding Molly's head up and out of the water while I wash Molly, plus she thinks she is such a big girl helping mommy! Will is the first one to notice her cries and he is very emphatic about letting me know, haha. She has also graduated to sitting in the stroller without a car seat (ok, its kind of a stretch, but the seat reclines so I don't worry too much) and she loves that--I love having her there so I feel like I'm hands free sometimes! She is perfect and sweet and soft and oh-so-kissable that we pretty much spend all our time snuggling her at this house. It's the best. Now SLOW DOWN time, cause 3-9 months is pretty much my favorite and I want to enjoy it FOREVER ok?!

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