Monday, November 10, 2014

Phone Photo Dump

Anyone with Facebook or instagram has seen most of these photos. But my parents have neither, so I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the pictures on my phone. I don't really love using my phone (even for Facebook and instagram, I prefer to upload one from my camera) because my phone is such poor quality, but sometimes it is the only thing I have handy---so enjoy!

This picture is from a couple months ago-before Molly-but he looks SO MUCH littler to me. He is getting too big WAY too fast. 
Story time at the library. They throw out a bunch of balls to play with at the end. Will loves it.

Molly when she was in the hospital! SHE WAS SO TINY AND BEAUTIFUL! 
It's so interesting that you can't decide what they look like when they are first born, but looking back you can see how they look like themselves.
Leaving the hospital.
First week at church.
Ruthie stole my phone for an awesome selfie.
True Miami. The rain clouds roll in and roll out and go directly to sunshine--just like those clouds.
I was a good mom one day and taped a track for their cars.
Best way to listen to scriptures.
The stove we made out of cardboard boxes to stay occupied during Conference.
Daddy accidentally took the double stroller with him. I was wearing Molly. 
Our current favorite park--Will LOVES this car!
Ruthie helping wash the dishes. That's our kitchen, by the by.
Will's MONSTER of a bruise when he fell off Ruth's bed--this was right after, so his skin was more white than bruised.
Good ol' Miami downpour.
A perfectly round mosquito bite on my toe. I HATE mosquitoes with a vengeance. Oh, how I hate them. This particular one on my toe I REALLY hated.
Caught in a Miami downpour on the way out of Target.
Will gets SO HAPPY to hold Molly.
I was going to send a picture and asked Sterling how I looked, only then I realized we'd cancelled the data on our phone plan and it wouldn't let me send the photo. Sad.
At Molly's two month check-up, Ruthie is our photographer.
Awww, everyone loves daddy. I love Will's face here, and especially how you can see his baby/roly neck. I LOVE baby necks. 
Smiles all around. 
Molly is really the smiliest baby I have ever seen. I LOVE it. This time she decided to add some flare with her tongue, haha. 
More smiles. Photobomber in the back.
Her tiny chin when she lifts up her head KILLS me---oh, how I love it.
Sent to the corner together. 
Little smirk. 
More fun times at our favorite park. Will goes crazy fast on these things.
Day after Halloween--she just couldn't take off the costume. The boots are a nice touch.
More smiles. 
How many ways can you ride on a stroller?
More smiles. 
And more smiles.
The downpour when we were walking out of the mall the other day. (we didn't actually buy anything--but what else do you do on rainy days?)
Sweetest sleeping baby there ever was.
Look how close we were to the turtles this time!!! Usually they just sit by the water, nonmoving, whenever we walk by. This time they were ALL up and about and walking around. Maybe it is the cooler weather? But it was awesome! 

More adorable sleeping. 
FHE treats.
Best. Smile. Picture. Ever.
Our FHE thankful tree. It was a lot of fun--the kids actually stayed interested for a minute. 
The burgers I made tonight. Yes, I even made the rolls. No--they did not taste like mom's. I've only ever made rolls twice though, since I moved out (I know, I know, I'm a weird and crazy little sister--but I make bread all the time and rolls just seem like too much work.) and they went kind of heavy, but still good. I'm blaming Miami and not lack of skill. I made the burgers too on the stove top, which I think is the first time we've done that. It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. Sterling said they were delicious so it was worth branching out. 
Sometimes I think I should make blog posts of motherhood moments that are a little too real for Facebook. Like tonight when Will gagged on a milk lid that he was playing with (Sterling and I had both noticed and both thought it was too big to be a choking hazard) and threw up on the table while we were all eating. It was awesome. Oh the joys of parentings. Luckily we had pudding treats for FHE and he was a big fan and it perked him right up. Poor kid.

So there you have our lives from my phone, in all its glory. 


kami said...

Molly is a super cute baby!

P.S. Don't ever post a picture of you so skinny again. It's depressing to the rest of us. Or well, at least me.

Bridget Cunningham said...

The selfie of Ruthie! I love that!!! also all the pictures of Molly, I need to meet her! Sigh, why aren't you coming home for Christmas:( and yes, I agree you are so so skinny! and your face looks so cute in that pic! I think it's the way your hair is lying? I don't know, but its gorgeous!