Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

Ruthie decided a couple months ago that she wanted to be a ballerina for Halloween. I kept thinking she'd change her mind-but she definitely did not! She is SO IN LOVE with ballerinas, it is absolutely enchanting. The pink, the skirt, the hair bow, the tights, as well as perfect little twirls with her arms above her head. Oh I love this girly girl of mine!

Our batman costume might be a little modge-podge, but Will already loves wearing this cape around, so I thought I'd just let him do it some more for the holiday!

Adorable. (And yes...Will is wearing Ruth's old leggings in size 12 months...look at those skinny legs, haha!) Ruth was just THRILLED to put on her costume and seriously hasn't taken it off since.

We had a ward/stake Halloween party on Wednesday. They were playing music for a cakewalk and Ruthie thought it was MUCH too loud, so she walked around with her hands over her ears-as per her normal. That also meant we cut the games short and ate our dinner of hotdogs and chips out on the sidewalk because I didn't think she'd handle the noise for that long. But they had a blast just the same! And sitting by the entrance to the church was tons of fun because we got to see all the fun costumes as they came in! Ruth saw a family with two little boys dressed as Mario and Luigi and a little baby girl in a princess dress for Peach and she exclaims 'Look! Their baby Molly is a princess just like our baby Molly!' haha. Their "baby Molly" is probably not Molly, but it was cute.

We pulled out our pirate costumes. Sterling said we should wear them every year to keep his weight in check (the buttons were a bit tighter this year) but I think he really just wanted to see me in a corset again. haha. Molly was a ballerina with Ruthie because she really wanted to be matching.

I really love, love that vest look. His scruffiness was perfect for his costume. Love, love that look, too.

They had a trunk or treat that started at seven, so we got in a couple of vehicles (who gave my kids WAY too much candy) before calling it a night. 

I'm really glad we went because last night (Halloween) I decided to get some form of the flu/migraine/exhaustion and put myself to bed while Sterling took the kids to a track-or-treat (around a track at a park) without me. They had a marvelous time. Sterling said there was a redheaded lady there who ran a dance studio and she was just IN LOVE with Ruthie. Haha. I got to bed at around 9pm (when Molly finally crashed) and Sterling got up during the night to hand me the baby (he never does that!) and got up with all the kids in the morning to let me sleep in, so I got 12 hours of sleep and feeling much better today! Not full speed, so we have been doing mostly cartoons, but much, much better. I am just glad Ruth was SO excited with her costume. She had such a great time looking at decorations and other people and feeling out exactly what Halloween was--it's so fun to watch that! 

Hope your Halloween was just as fun and delightful!


Lynn said...

You all look GREAT! So sorry you have been sick....glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay - you did great. The kids look adorable and I love love love the pirate costumes!!!!! Glad you all had a good time. Good to talk to you and I am glad you are feeling better. It really sounds like a flu bug. Hope you get some sleep tonight.
Love you.

Kami said...

So cute! ANd dude, you wore your pirate costumes because they're the best costumes ever. Just admit it.

Aleesha Burke said...

You all look great! And glad you are feeling better! I love the leggings on WIll! haha!