Thursday, November 20, 2014

If I Were a REAL Blogger

First, I would have taken a really cool picture featuring Miracle Mile because that is what we were walking along--but I didn't. Instead, I took this really cool one off the internet:

Then I would have talked about this cute little French bakery and how you should all visit it--but I can't even remember the name. It was cute though. What really happened is that I was at the park with some friends, then Julia wanted to mail a package, and we all decided to walk to the post office (since you have to pay for parking and we all had strollers anyway). Along the way I saw some macaroons in the window of a shop and expressed how I had never tasted one, but always wanted to. My friend Jewel said that there was a better shop around the corner that we should try.

After walking along Miracle Mile (which really was quite fun, although the STARES I got! I don't know if it was the three strollers in a row, or the three kids I had by myself...haha) we came to this little shop and upon MUCH maneuvering, managed to fit our strollers in the little aisle. How do they make taking kids out in NYC look so easy and fun on their blogs???

I let Ruthie pick out a macaroon as well, she picked the 'red' one (red velvet cake) and she said it was really good. I, however, stuck with something I knew I'd really enjoy, and got hazelnut. They were SOOOO good! Good enough to want to eat again. Not good enough to want to pay $2 a piece again. I mean, the cookies are tiny! 

The following picture, if I were a true blogger, would show Ruthie all smiley and happy with her cookie. She was not having the camera. At all. Haha.

This photo would be all artsy with correct sunlight and show off these cookies to perfection. I took this one just because I knew I wanted to do a blog post like this exact one. Haha.

And last but not least, a photo of all three strollers scrunched into the little bakery which doesn't show the whole affair ending in two screaming babies that went outside with their mothers while I stayed inside and tried to decently cover while nursing so that we could walk back along Miracle Mile towards home.

The whole process completely tuckered Will out and he slept through the entire thing. That was a high point.

All mocking aside, Miracle Mile was really cool. The macaroons were delish. The french bakery was adorable and smelled wonderful and was decorated really fantastic. The outing was really fun even with six little babies and I had a wonderful time with my friends. It was just a little surreal to be in a part of town that was a "walking city". Walk to the post office, walk to get groceries, etc. Miami is still mostly a driving city--but there are quite a few areas that are walking communities and people just jump on the metro to get where they need to. Like the area Julia and Jewel live in. There is metered parking everywhere, they live in 16 story buildings with parking on the sixth floor haha, and they walk to the post office. It was fun for a day, and I'll even enjoy the moments for the next few years while we live here, but it was a strong reminder that I would rather live down a dirt road with my closest neighbor a half mile away than in the big city. Those macaroons though, yum!

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Bridget Cunningham said...

You're a real blogger!! I love it!