Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pinecrest Gardens

First off, some pictures of the adorable Molly Fay.

I love it when she lifts her head off her chest and you can see her tiny little chin. 
She's definitely not packing on the chub quite like my other kids, but she sure is getting long! 
Gorgeous big brown eyes.

A Sunday evening walk. Last Sunday was CHILLY---for Miami. I even broke out the jackets! By the way people dressed in church, you'd think it had snowed or something---it felt AMAZING. I think it was in the low 70s.

Haha. I love how you can only see her eyes.

Last week for playgroup we went to Pinecrest Gardens--we've been there once before and I posted about it, but this time was MUCH better. Last time was the DAY I went into labor with Molly, it was a thousand degrees outside and there were HORRENDOUS mosquitoes. This time it was a beautiful eighty degrees, no major mosquitoes and I wasn't waddling and pregnant and having contractions! Pluses all around, I'd have to say.

Oh that little guy! I could just squeeze him and squeeze him and squeeze him! He is so perfectly boyish and babyish and toddlerish and everything all rolled into one. I love this age.

Some leftover decorations that were fun to get all tangled up in. 

I think we should be arranging this marriage. Isn't she just SO adorable? Those blue eyes! I die! That's our playgroup friend Mia.
Doesn't it look like some heavenly oasis? 
We had a lovely time at Pinecrest Gardens and wore the kids out at the playground before leaving. Sterling actually took a test that day and so came home as soon as he was finished and spent the day with us! YAY! (He also got his best score yet! Yay some more!) He lifted down several totes from our loft so I could rearrange kids clothes/sizes and put away Halloween stuff and pull out Christmas stuff and hide some presents. Then he washed down a crib and changing table we got for free off this website--only it was covered in cat hair and I about died over it. Nasty, nasty, nasty. He spent over three hours scrubbing away at them and then I painted the changing table. It is actually really, really nice and now it looks brand new! (We had one from Kid to Kid that had shelves but they were made of cardboard that looked like wood and both were broken so it was cool to get a new one for free.) I also cleaned and sorted clothes and did a lot of spring-cleaning type activities. Which, we're kind of having spring weather over here so it felt appropriate. 

That being said, Miami weather throws me off. I have always lived somewhere with seasons and I guess it is just a part of me that Christmas and cool weather go hand in hand. We've been trying to remedy the situation. The other night we had apple crisp and then Sterling and I danced to Christmas music while I tried to finish the dishes. We've added Jingle Bells into the line-up of songs we sing to our kids each night, and this morning we listened to more Christmas music while Sterling made french toast for breakfast. (I promise Sterling really is not around at all, but the week after a test is a LITTLE more relaxed and he purposely studied hard so that he could take today off so I could go to a Relief Society conference. He'll still study tonight--but it was SO fun to get up and eat breakfast as a family and have him spend time with Ruth and Will while I was gone! We are all so glad when daddy is home!)

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