Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Day In Our Life

 I did a post like this here and I just saw it on another blog, and thought it would be fun to see the difference between my day back then with a newborn, and my typical day now. And after reading about a day with a newborn...I'm a little nervous about July! haha

Typical Day in the Haws Household:

430am: Sterling wakes up and leaves (I am usually hiding my head under a pillow to not hear him, especially because some mornings his alarm goes off at 430 and then he resets it for 5 and for some reason I cannot fall back asleep and then I'm really annoyed haha.)

5-6am: Molly wakes up and comes into our room. Or, like this morning, I hear noises in the kitchen and she is standing up getting into the spice cabinet and trying to pour out the sprinkles. On Sunday she had found the cupcake holders and had pulled out grapes and put about four grapes in each container covering the entire cupboard. A few days before that she had eaten a huge chunk out of the angel food cake sitting there. SOOOO after figuring out what she is up to, I strap her into an extra carseat we have in Sterling's study. She often falls back asleep for an hour, or sings to herself. She doesn't cry, so I can fall back asleep.

7-730am: Ruth and Will wake up and I get out of bed and set Molly free, haha. Everyone can get dressed own their own, I change Molly's diaper, but that is all. They all make their beds, say their prayers, and sit up to the table. Lately, due to morning sickness, we have cereal, or bagels, or toast with yogurt.

7:45am: After getting everyone settled at the breakfast table, I usually read them our morning scripture and then take five minutes to throw on make-up and clothes while they are occupied. Then I sit down and finish eating with them.

8am: Do Ruth's hair and Molly's hair and grab shoes for everyone, Ruth's back pack, wipe down the table, etc.

815am: Out the door to take Ruth to school. We pick up a little girl on our way.

9am: Drop off Ruth and Quinn at school.

9-10am: Today was Tuesday and we always have playgroup at 10am. So I usually plan to have errands to run for that hour so I don't have to go back home. Today we dropped off a return at the post office and then went to the Tmobile store to switch our phones from Verizon. We finished at about 1015.

10am: playgroup/park. Almost every day we are outside at this time. That is the beauty of Miami winter. 75 degree sunshine just warms my soul. If we don't have playgroup I often just head home and meet up at our complex park at 930am with my friend Tricia. Or we go to the zoo. The un-heated pools are too cold right now. Molly and Will also play REALLY well together lately with the Little People toys and they set up whole villages in the living room with their Schleich animals and have adorable little pretend play.

noon: head home for lunch. Ruth gets dropped off at around 12:25 so depending on how ornery my kids are (today-very) we might already have eaten and Will and Molly are already asleep. Or, more usually, we wait for Ruthie and eat together and then Will and Molly go down for naps. Molly only sleeps for an hour but Will usually sleeps for two and often three.

12-2pm: This is the catch-all time of day. For the past two months with heavy morning sickness, this is when I lay on the couch and sleep and ignore everything. Since I have been feeling better, I have not been taking naps as often and usually this is clean-up time. I do all the morning and lunch dishes, wipe down the kitchen, pay bills, check emails. Today I spent 41 minutes on the phone with Verizon paying off our bill and canceling our service. I also scheduled an eye appointment for me and a drs appointment for Will and 4 yr old pictures for Will. I might work on my calling. Ruthie is amazing and self-occupies during this time. Especially when I'm napping and ornery haha. We have some fun kindergarten apps on the kindle she likes to play, she might get a tv show if I'm feeling nice (we are trying to do almost zero tv time lately), but most often she colors or listens to audio books while coloring. She likes to wipe down the bathroom counters and mirrors. Oh--Ruth also has a homework packet to complete throughout the week that she LOVES to work on during this time. It's mostly coloring and letter/number tracing.

2-5pm: On Wednesdays and Thursdays this is when I teach piano. So I usually pull Will out of bed and throw him in the van on Wednesdays and then they have the time of their life playing at Sis. Hadleys. And on Thursdays we try to be as quiet as possible so that the kids sleep while I teach at home. Other days I take the kids grocery shopping (although I have to say this is usually done during our morning park time, so I don't have to take all three. I also schedule OB appointments and things in the morning, so it's very rare that we are actually outside at the park five mornings in a row.) or run an errand, or we head out to the park again with Ruthie. Also, you have to fit in laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, cooking--so that all gets thrown in there. If we are just home the kids play together really well. Usually not Little People (probably because Ruth is home in the afternoon), but often dress up and House and things like that. Picnics of pizza in the living room (all pretend), or story time for their animals. It's pretty fun. They all play pretend really well now and they plan it all out--I love to hear them!

5pm: dinner. Sterling is rarely there. He usually is out "early" 1-2 days a week, which means he can come home and study here until dinner time and then he comes out to eat with us. The rest of the time he finishes at 4pm. That means that if he left the school it would take two hours to get home because it is rush hour traffic. So he just stays on campus and studies until 7pm when traffic has died down. It's a treat to have him a couple of nights each week when he can make it! Yesterday he took a test which meant he was finished at 1pm and he headed home and he did all the dishes (two days worth since I had been sick and puking...again) while I cleaned up our cluttered room that has been driving me crazy. Then he watched the kids while I did grocery shopping and they had a marvelous time--and then he grilled for dinner and played basketball in the backyard with Will while grilling. It is SOOOO wonderful to have daddy home! On Monday nights he often makes a big effort to be home and we have been putting a big emphasis on FHE. The kids are at this perfect stage where they are SO excited about it, they love picking songs and stories and activities and treats. So yesterday we played checkers and Enchanted Forest before sending them to bed. During dinner we also do happys/sads which the kids love-especially Will lately.

6pm: dinner is over. Kids wash hands and get into pjs and pick out books and play while I do dishes. (or head to the tub every other night)

630-7pm: read books, read scriptures, family prayer, sing songs, put kids in bed.

7-830pm: kids come out five bazillion times asking nonsense questions and getting sent back to bed. Yesterday Ruth ended up in our bed, Molly in the study, and Will in his own bed. They finally fell asleep that way at 830. Usually they just chat and then fall asleep in their room, but for about two weeks now they have been in this horrible stage of not sleeping. It's making me consider taking out afternoon naps but that would also be brutal.

830-10pm: I usually fold laundry, finish cleaning up the dinner dishes, or read, or watch a tv show. I have been very unproductive during that time lately because I just lay on the couch and often fall asleep. Lately, I've been feeling better and I usually have some things to do--work on my calling, or for the past few days making sure all my photos were on my hard drive. Sterling usually comes to bed at 1030pm with me, (to get up at 430 to go study) unless its the week before a test, and then all bets are off. So I do things like read a library book until 1230 waiting up for him, only to die of exhaustion the next day. Oops. I also usually shower at night because for some reason this pregnancy blow-drying my hair makes me light-headed. So I shower at night instead so I don't have to deal with it in the morning.

And thats a wrap. On our horribly exciting average day!

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