Thursday, January 5, 2017

Pregnancy Problems

When you hope that you are having a boy because the only boy you've had you weren't nearly as sick for. #fail

When you hope that you aren't sick after the first trimester because every pregnancy is different, right? #fail

When you put all your spices into a 2 gallon sealed bucket in the third bedroom because the stench is making you gag so hard that you can't wash the dishes. Normally I don't even think my spice cupboard has a smell?!!?

When you order a tropichop for yourself at Pollo (worlds best Cuban fast food) because you are probably going to be sick if you don't eat immediately (food planning #fail) and actually eat your kids chicken tortilla on the way home instead because it is easier to hold and eat while driving. #momfail

When you convince yourself you aren't really that sick and make dinner and just when you sit down to eat, you go throw up. #fail

Throwing up so much that you can't breathe in-between times and it goes up your nose and makes you gag and throw up even harder for quite some time. #fail

Feeling good and maybe I should actually blow dry my hair this morning? But then the heat makes me feel like passing out for the next two hours. #fail

Only wanting to eat fresh food, but the fresh food gets eaten so fast (I ate an entire 1 lb bag of carrots myself) that you keep running out but don't have the energy to take all the kids to the store to get more. So then you get more sick for not eating because nothing else sounds good. #fail

When you know the difference between a gag that will actually result in eventual throwing up and a gag that just helped calm the stomach. And you try to describe it to your husband by telling him how watery your mouth is. #fail

I never like chocolate during my pregnancies, it's like my own body is betraying me. But milk duds ALWAYS sound good. Even though I throw them up, every time. Still worth it?!!?

Sterling doesn't understand how something can taste good in my mouth and look delicious, but I know it will make me throw up. It's a real thing, trust me.

I could keep going, but I'll stop.

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Kayli said...

Sadness. :( You did so well at my house--come back!!!!