Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Morning!

Kayli's kids don't get up incredibly early. And mine were sleeping in because her house stays really dark. And I woke up to go to the bathroom. And I couldn't go back to sleep. Sooooo....I woke everyone up for Christmas!!!!!!! It was awesome. 
Lined up youngest to oldest, and heading into the living room! I love this tradition! 

One of the very first presents opened was her beloved cat. She told Santa that was all that she wanted! It's adorable how much she loved it. She also got a matching unicorn, which she calls her 'corn' and loves as well.

Will and his dragon cape!

Fairy princess!

The kids drew names (kind of, with three you kind of just have to make sure one person isn't getting themselves) and this is what Molly picked for Ruthie--a playmobil mermaid that all fits inside an egg. Ruth loves it!

More Mo Willems!!! Best present ever!

I just love how everyone is crowded around watching the present be opened. This is Ethne getting her old typewriter. It was pretty awesome.

This is what Ruthie picked for Will and he was very happy!

The only thing he asked Santa for was Spiderman--and it was so much fun watching his excitement opening it!

There were a couple different tutus. 

More manly dress up!

Dress up was definitely the theme of our Christmas. There aren't any pictures, but they got play silks (which they have already played with tons at home--as picnic blankets, doll blankets, head scarves, capes, etc.) a couple of tutus and fairy dresses, and Will got his toolman apron and dragon cape. They have been clad in these items every single morning since we have been home. I'm glad they enjoy them sooooo much!
Family game of checkers.

Cutest little Christmas baby!

Aunt Bridget got us the board game Enchanted Forest and it is literally SO MUCH FUN! It is *perfect* for the 4-6 year old crowd, and they have other rules for older kids (Sterling thinks we should play it for our next date night, thats how cool it is!) but we've only played the simplified so far. Ruth is really good at it and enjoys counting up the number she rolls and trying to find the magic piece. Will is almost there, I think he has a hard time realizing that you are searching for a specific something, and not just moving around the board to look under trees, haha. We played it yesterday after church and it was so great! Fun enough to play a million times with kids (unlike Chutes and Ladders, which I am already sick of) but easy enough for the kids to grasp--definitely recommend! Plus the board is soooo cute and magical!
There were puzzles and books (thanks Grandma Cindy!) that we have been enjoying as well, and a few more odds and ends in their stockings--they each got a little wallet, they are always asking me to save their pennies that they find, so they were pretty excited about that--and a few other things. Basically--they were spoiled rotten and it was so much fun!!!! We just hung around and played and played until we had to get ready for church. It was such a great Christmas morning! The kids were SOOO excited and it was so much fun to watch them open their presents. 

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