Monday, January 2, 2017

More Christmas festivities!

I can't remember what happened on which day after Christmas. We left on Thursday morning, so between Monday and Wednesday we went swimming, Sterling went out shooting with the boys, the kids played outside, Kayli made egg rolls and crab rolls, we went to the Cathedral of Learning (I'll have to get pictures from Kayli--it was awesome!!!), we played a lot of games, and generally had a wonderful time.

Isn't that the perfect background to grow up with?

Molly was not a huge fan, but she held on!

Kayli climbed to the top. Haha

They started building a house next to Kayli's, and the tractors were a huge attraction.

Ethne got Pie Face for Christmas, and it was so hilarious! It was mostly hilarious because Ruth thought it was. She would laugh and laugh and laugh her head off at whoever was pied, and even herself! 

She often lost because the older kids were speedier than her, haha.
 All in all, it was a spectacular visit. I laughed so hard I gagged and ran to the toilet trying not to puke, but still laughing. Maybe only a pregnant, nauseous person can appreciate that? Kayli kept me well supplied with apples and other food to keep me from being nauseous--it was the best. She also kept us well supplied in toffee and other Christmas candy, which was also the best. The kids loved having cousins to occupy them all day long, and I loved hanging out with all our family! Thank you, Kayli for letting us come for Christmas! And for all the good food you made for us! (why did we not take a picture of us after church!??!?!) And our van didn't die--so all is well that ends well, right?

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Kayli said...

We definitely should have taken a picture after church. Lame. :(
Come again next year!!!!!!!! Best tradition ever!!