Friday, January 20, 2017

Recital + Knaus Berry Farm

Ruth had a ballet recital! She took lessons on Friday afternoon for six weeks from an awesome girl in our ward--another med student wife, Janessa- and she absolutely LOVED it! They were supposed to have a Christmas recital but with sicknesses, finals, plane dates, etc. it got pushed off. It was still sooooo adorable though!

She did such a good job! And she looked sooooo happy! I love her soo much!

For Martin Luther King day we headed to Knaus Berry Farm. The list of things to see in Miami before we move is getting smaller, as is the amount of time Sterling has to devote to anything outside of school. So we hit it up at 830am and he was studying by 11am--and studied the rest of the day. The cinnamon rolls are absolutely RAVED about here, people stand in line for hours! Luckily, we only stood in line for ten minutes, and our consensus? They taste very, very similar to my mom's. Which--are phenomenal, but I guess we'd rather just make them at home than stand in line for two hours, haha. They are homemade, fresh, and HOT--which was very, very delicious. 

After our delicious breakfast, we headed to the strawberry fields. The kids had so much fun--it was like a treasure hunt! Who could find the biggest, reddest, best big strawberry? Haha. At first it was a little tricky finding really good ones, but then they opened up the field next door to people and it was LOADED. We ended up racing the kids out so that they would STOP PICKING haha. You got to eat as you picked and I'm pretty sure Molly ate her weight before leaving, which was good, because then we didn't have to pay for it! One guy in the line behind us remarked as they were weighing our strawberries that it was a good thing they didn't weigh US before and after! Haha. 

 The kids loved it, and it was such a great activity to get outside of the city of Miami and enjoy the beautiful 75 degree weather we've been having. (today at the park it was over 80 and I was so hot and thinking...are we here already summer? oh yeah, we are, because this is Miami.)

A baby bump picture that may be a LITTLE bigger than normal due to the three pieces of angel food cake smothered in whipped cream and fresh strawberries that I ate right before, hahaa. Definitely not fitting my jeans anymore though! 16 weeks with baby boy Benjamin, or Tobin, or Silas, or Tucker, or Ira, or Levi. Who knows at this point.

Today after a hot day at the park (we played for a LONG time because I didn't take Ruth to school because Sterling's car had a flat so he took the van and I didn't want to worry about trying to find her a ride. We're just going to have a long weekend, haha.) we had strawberry shakes--the perfect way to cool off. Molly was hilarious, she 'lubs' shakes!

Other than that, it's been a pretty slow week. Sterling is studying like crazy for a test on Monday, which means that he hasn't been home for dinner or bedtime in....forever. I made dinner on Wednesday even though he wasn't there AND I taught piano lessons all afternoon (both of those things seem to conspire against dinner). Also--some of my piano students are driving me CRAZY lately. I just can't sit there for half an hour and listen to you pretend to play things you obviously haven't practiced and listen to the agony...I must be pregnant and ornery. But I'd almost just rather they stay home! On a happier note, due to Sterling's flat tire, we had to traverse Miami traffic during high traffic evening time. It was horrible. And because it took so long, I was starving, and we stopped to grab burgers at Shula burger. Best. Decision. Ever. If you are ever anywhere where they have those---you MUST eat it. They also had rootbeer. Nowhere in Miami has rootbeer. It made my whole life! Haha. I was trying to compare it to somewhere in Utah and I said Warren's and Sterling was like-no, waaaaay better than Warren's (which had my favorite mushroom and swiss). I have to agree. It's top of the charts of any burger I have ever tasted. We know where our next date night will be! (I want to taste their deep fried brownie and Sterling wants to try their jalapeno burger next time.)

We also had an appointment this week and both Will and Molly are under 3rd percentile for weight, and they encouraged us to give them Ensure?!?!?!?! It makes me want to go pull out all the pictures of me as a child where I look...skeletal, and just prove that it is all genetics and they are just fine. I don't think I filled out until 9th grade or so. Also Will grew two inches in four months, which means he used up all his fat to get tall in a really short amount of time! haahaa. I'm not too worried. That boy can pack it in (when he wants to, he happens to be quite picky lately. But give him cereal, sandwiches, or chips and cheese and he will sit at the table forever.) and Molly always eats so much that it surprises me, so I think we're ok. Haha. We already drink whole milk, serve real whipping cream over desserts, have real butter on all their toasts/sandwiches, etc., and heap the cream cheese on their bagels and the gravy on their potatoes. So they are definitely getting their fat. Haha.

And that's our pretty boring and typical January!

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Kami said...

I love your blue checked shirt--you look so cute. I look like a whale. And the dance recital pictures and strawberry picking pictures were super cute! I want a burger and root beer now. Ruff.