Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Eve!!!

After a long journey (actually it went pretty great, and we stayed in Charlotte, NC overnight at Kayli's friends house and they were awesome and their house was beautiful) we made it to Pittsburgh! The kids had desperately wanted snow, but they seemed content with a trampoline. They actually talk about going back to visit specifically to play on the trampoline. It was pretty cold the first day, but then we had some really nice, sunny days so they could play outside for a long time. It was great!
Wyatt, Molly, Ethne, Ruth, Orrin, Will

Kayli and Sterling were trying to remember what we did the day before Christmas Eve. The only thing I could come up with was grocery shopping. I bet we had a lot of fun though?!?!?! Haaha.

On Christmas Eve we cleaned the church (it actually was kind of fun. They actually had working vacuums--not just one, but a multiplicity of them!-- and cleaners that hadn't been stolen, and paper towels and a church that looked clean when you were done cleaning it, the bathrooms weren't all moldy and....lets just say it wasn't Miami) and then headed to her friends house for a party. It was actually a really fun time! All her friends have kids that were her kids' age, which spills down into OUR kids' ages, and they pretty much disappeared while we got to play a few games. Fun! 
Kayli and Brett, the cuties!

Helping Navy open her pajamas, she was very first.

Aren't they just the CUTEST EVER?!?!?!?!

Everyone with their new pajamas on! 

Wyatt and Will, because they are the same age-three weeks apart!

Ruth and Orrin--they are the same age, but a few months apart.

Everyone loved Navy to pieces, but no one quite as much as Ruthie. It made me REALLY excited for her to have a baby soon! She liked her almost a little too much (Navy was learning to crawl, and was perfectly happy to just practice on the floor and not be interrupted by Ruthie, haha) but it was so much fun to watch her play endlessly with her!

Kayli started games while we waited...for something?

The shepherds

Mary(Ethne) right before she got bucked off, and she just went straight-up backwards and it was hilarious.

The cutest nativity ever!

Jethro accompanied our hymns with his guitar, which was awesome.

Some pretty cute little angels!

The tree before all the adults headed to bed!
It was pretty fun to get everything set up with other parents. Just made it more exciting! We played games that night...and the next several nights. Jethro was a huge fan of 7 Wonders and Dominion, but I think Hazel not so much. So we played Blurt! with them, because that was Kayli's choice, and Sterling and I were so pitiful that the last night they let us team up, haha. It was magical, and the kids were SOOOOOO excited! I just love that feeling. Sterling and I decided Ruth's age is just the most perfect. She has a really strong grasp of what is happening, and is old enough to get super excited and ecstatic over Christmas. It was magical. 

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