Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Day

Church was lovely. Sterling didn't have to lead. I didn't have to play the organ. There were three gorgeous musical numbers. And Brett gave a really great talk with one of my favorite Christmas stories..and yes, I cried. We came home to more hoagie sandwiches (I think? I didn't write this in my last post--but Kayli has Christmas Eve dinner down perfectly. Juice and all. Brett put up a stink that hoagies are our tradition, but after all the fancy mustards, peppers, cheeses, and meats, and then melting it (that really sold him) I think we won him over. It was delicious! Sorry Molly knocked over my juice and ruined your tablecloth!) and naps all around. When my kids woke up we headed out on a hike around the hills. It was gorgeous. And freezing.
Cutest little gnome-head.

Gorgeous sunlight! All PC goes to Kayli!

Jethro was the man and carried Molly the entire way. That Miami baby isn't used to trudging in the freezing tundra! 
My brother took a picture of all the books they got for Christmas, so Kayli took one of our families' combined books. Her kids got REALLY heavy REALLY big books, so there were less of them. But they were awesome. We sat around looking at that Wildlife one for a LONG time one night.

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