Monday, January 2, 2017

Beginning of December

To be real, the beginning of December was pretty lame around these parts. Sterling was studying like crazy. I was puking like crazy. The kids watched a lot of movies and listened to a lot of audio books. And played. In their room. Where I couldn't hear the messes they were making. While I'm feeling better, I'm still waiting to turn on a corner on this nausea, so keeping our fingers crossed that happens soon! 
We did do a lot of juggling with schedules because I had my piano recital for my students (and I didn't even get a picture!!! I'm so annoyed at myself!!!!), Ruthie had a concert at school, and Sterling was in charge of our ward's Christmas program (sort of. True to Miami fashion, they told us to have a specific outline ready at the first of November, once we had done all the work and practicing and calling people, they proceeded to change it on us three more times...once six days before. Yeah.). This meant a lot of practices, a lot of printing of sheet music, and a lot of piano practicing--except we actually headed out of town for Christmas so we gladly handed all that over beforehand haha. The weather was HOT so we hit the playground a few mornings, but stayed inside for all afternoons.

I just couldn't resist these matching skirts for the girls! Ruth was so in love with a long fairy skirt.

 Here are some pics of Ruth's school program, where she was an angel. It was adorable.

She's third from the end of angels.

We did try to fit in a few fun Christmas things. We cut out sugar cookies and iced them, we watched our favorite Christmas movies, we listened to SO MUCH wonderful Christmas music, and we went and saw our favorite lights in Miami. It is a person's house at the end of a cul-de-sac and they just have a donation box at the front to support autism. It's spectacular.

They are the cutest.

When Sterling finished his test, we took the kids to Bass Pro Shop to meet Santa. They are just at the perfect magical age right now. They were ecstatic and elated to meet Santa and tell him what they wanted. And to remind him that we would be at Aunt Kayli's house. He gave them candy canes, which they still talk about.

I just had to take a pic of her by this truck!

We also read our Christmas story every single night, and I think the kids were very confused at why I cried in every. single. story. It was a good thing when Sterling wasn't studying in the evenings anymore and he could take over that job, haha. It was great! 

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Bridget Cunningham said...

I'm obsessed with your shoes in the Sunday best pic so cute!