Friday, January 13, 2017

iPhone Dump

I really don't like uploading phone pictures. They always go to weird places, I really need to get more familiar with icloud (I know, I'm so behind) and I just want to cry a little bit about photo quality without my camera. Sigh. Luckily, I have the best husband ever and even though we are in med school he labeled it in our finances as a 'necessity' because, he said, it was stolen, so it is something we already had and needed. Love him.  So in backwards order and no further ado:
I did not take this. I was playing the organ. Which means...we have THREE children unattended during the songs. This happens every other week when I play the organ. Sterling used to find a sub more often to lead, but they just had a brand new baby, so they are much more unavailable now. He decided that it would be better to just take Molly up with him because during the previous song she had tried to run up to me at the organ. Then she led the singing through the entire song---right in Sterling's face, baahaahaa. Molly, we adore you, you little troublemaker! And thanks to my friend for taking the picture. It makes me look back with fondness instead of remembering the craziness that was that day.

Ruth either wants her hair down or in a pony tail every day. I can't stand it either way. A pony tail is usually fallen out and has whispies all around her face in about an hour. Her hair is TOO long to have down--it's in her food at the table, etc. So I looked through a bunch of pins and instagram accounts with her one day to get her excited about having her hair done 'princess' ways. And...then I haven't allotted enough time to doing it in our morning routine (why does she hate french braids so much?!?! they are so FAST!) and it has yet to happen for school. Haahaa.

Will's egg men. I LOOOOOVE this stage of drawing. Ruth used to draw people just like this. This was for FHE, it was a family. He was SOOOO proud of their teeth, it was hilarious.

Here's Will's and Ruthie's and Molly's is the turquoise. Ruthie drew a little baby on me (the purple haired one) isn't it soooo cute?

Will tucking in his 'babies'. His Spiderman is a barbie or a baby, depending on what game Ruthie and him are playing, haha.

At my OB appointment, in the waiting room, these two were looking through magazines and Will thought it was SOOOO hilarious that there were baby's bums. They had the giggles so hard. It was hysterical.
Sterling hid my mom's chocolates from Molly. But then I couldn't reach them either. See that white box at the very, very top? HAAHAA

 Before Sterling started school at the first of January, we hit up the zoo. I knew it would be insanely busy because school was still out, but we had to take daddy to see the new Everglades exhibit! None of us had been yet, but we had heard such good things! It did not disappoint---sooo much fun!

Sliding through the otter exhibit. They were swimming right around her!

If you look closely, that is Will running through the tunnel. In the middle of the crocodile exhibit. There is a crocodile between me and my son. It is intense!

There is a new bear exhibit, and they were sitting RIGHT THERE. It was really cool.

You can walk over top of the alligators. This is the first time I have ever seen Molly scared in her entire existence. She would not walk over the alligators. Smart, smart girl Miss Molly. (it does feel pretty unstable)

She went out this far, and no further.

Glorious Florida and your 75 degree winter days. I love you. And the sun. Oh how I love the sun.

Christmas presents! They were them every single day.

This boy is a SUNBEAM!!!! I can't believe it myself! He was so, so, so excited to go to Sunbeams because Ruth's teacher gives her these wonderful treats every single week (we're talking cupcakes). Unfortunately, no one showed to teach his class the first week, and the second week the teacher did not bring treats. I almost want to bring some for him just because he has been looking forward to it for so long! He's been doing great though. He only comes up to me a few times, and when I taught Sharing Time he stood by me for a few minutes before sitting back down. He's so good!

The sidewalk to the lake in our apartment has finally dried up! It has been it's own mini-lake since the summer rains. So we've had some lovely Sunday walks out there, and this time we saw two little turtles swimming around and the kids loved it.

Another zoo day!

Other than that, this week I've been feeling a bit better. I'm still taking anti-nausea prescription meds so I can't say too much (last monday when I ran out was a sick day the likes of which I do not want to repeat) but I've only thrown up about three times in the last week. So progress! Other than that it's been a week of OB appointments, eye appointments, going through the kids drawers to get rid of everything that doesn't fit (I swear Molly just grew five inches over night, but still nothing stays up around her waist...dresses it is.)  and trying to stay on top of laundry in the midst of piano lessons. Today my goal was to mop the floor. We might make that goal yet, haha. But we did have a lovely morning at the park--the weather has been absolutely GORGEOUS lately! That's all!

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