Saturday, August 12, 2017

Pool Days

I ordered these full-length rash guards for Russ and Molly because I kept having to repeatedly pull his down over his back and belly--and I figured this kid needed to be fully covered for all his swimming adventures. Then, they were at Old Navy on clearance for $6 so I got one for Molly too. Only, I got the size 6-12 months for Russ thinking it would last us FOREVER...and it basically fits him already. Crazy boy. But, it DID make it so much easier to hold him in the pool!! I am all about rash guards. Too many stories lately about skin cancer, plus it's such a hassle to constantly reapply sunscreen on four little ones plus myself day after day. So the more coverage the better!

Molly's little full-rash guard was sooo adorable.

One of the favorite games right now is to line up and then run and jump in together.

Molly is hilarious because she always runs really fast and then jerks to a complete stop before jumping in.

This is her famous hold-myself-as-stiff-as-a-board-and-fall-in trick. It's hilarious.

The kids start school on Monday so we were trying our best to get a ton of pool days in! Yesterday and the day before it rained and rained and rained, but before that we had been going daily! I love the sun and I love the pool--we are so lucky to have somewhere to beat the crazy heat over here!

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