Sunday, January 27, 2013

37 Weeks & Thank you to Kayli!

 Forgive the smile. We were late to choir practice, but I wanted a picture. So...37 weeks.
I have three more weeks to go! I am dilated to 3, fully effaced, and starting to have contractions whenever I try to get any type of sleep. Ruff. But the more I hear of sicknesses, the more I am happy he is healthy inside of me (and yes, Megan, I care about your kids and their piano lessons and I will try to be there this week, haahaa). Its interesting to start labor on my own...I never did that with Ruth.
 In other news, I got a package from SWITZERLAND!!!!! My amazingly awesome sister (who is currently sick, with sick kids, and not allowed to see her baby in the NICU without a mask which is so, so, so sad) sent me some crocheted headbands. I love them all. Sterling said they make him think of a pixie/fairy, and he liked it. So...good?! I love them. Thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO much Kayli! Sending lots of prayers your way!

 This is how Sterling felt after taking all the pictures of me that I made him take. He was looking especially hott today in some nice khakis that I got him yesterday.
 These are the incredibly long icicles hanging from above Ruth's bedroom, past her window, and down almost to our porch.
These are the crazy huge flakes currently falling outside...but my camera didn't pick them up that well. Oh well.


Kayli said...

You're welcome. :)

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh!!! I had NO idea about Kayli! I didn't know she already had her baby. She is in my prayers too. And her baby.

P.S. You look so adorable! IS that okay to say? Adorable as in a grown woman adorable. ; D

Andrea said...

Lynn, Lindsay has yet to look like a grown woman. And she is adorable. In a -- you still look 14 kind of a way.

Lindsay--love your hair with the thingys. Very cute.