Saturday, January 12, 2013

And Even More Snow

This tree is across the street from us. I just think it is so BEAUTIFUL with all the snow weighing it down! 
Our neighbors car parked behind our house. Its one he works on, not one they actually drive.
Look at all that snow on those trees! 
Sterling out shoveling. Again.
The super long icicle outside Ruth's window. Sterling breaks off all the ones at the front of our house, but this one is HUGE!

Red-nosed Ruthie trying to help daddy by bringing him a bucket. Yup the snow pile beside her is taller than she is.

Here, daddy!
The worst part, all the icey/chunky snow that gets left by the snow plows.
I think the snow is beautiful. But if it could stop for the rest of today so we can enjoy my work's Christmas party (PF Chang's and a show at Hale Center Theater) tonight without worrying too much about the road conditions, that would be awesome. Two and a half feet of snow is enough, right?!? Plus, we've got to let all the skiers get a nice day in at the slopes! (Sometimes I wish I was a skier. It just seems like today would be a magical day to be outside, warm up in a lodge, and thoroughly enjoy the mountains. I loved it the couple times I went with honor society in junior high. Maybe we'll have to pick that up some day when we're rich. haha) I better go cut Sterling's hair so he can get some homework finished today.

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