Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wonderful Day

Thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr. day, Sterling had a day off school and work and we decided to party...toddler style. First we went to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden (which was absolutely terrific, by the way, it is a child's dreamland!) and then home for naps and lunch (which became dinner as well because Liam had some issues falling asleep) and then to Kangaroo Zoo. It was a fabulous day, with great friends, and a wonderful time had by all. At some points I couldn't decide who was enjoying themselves more, Ruthie or Sterling!

Daddy helped her reach the notes!

Aleesha with Lydia. 

Adam and Liam

A podium! I can talk to EVERYONE!

There were some great attractions, but obviously this pot was a major one. Definitely what I would've thought. Haahaa.

Some little boys decided to give Ruthie a puppet show. She was absolutely enthralled.

And on to Kangaroo Zoo. Ruth LOVED it. 

Liam liked this dragon.

For quite some time Sterling kept Ruth occupied by putting his hands on the netting and pushing her off balance so she would bounce onto the pad. It was hilarious, and Ruth thought so too.
By the end, she learned how to climb up and go down the slide by herself, and she LOVED it.

And cute Lydia sitting all nicely in the car seat while Liam and Ruth went bouncing.
I've been seriously contemplating getting a year pass to Treehouse Museum since this outing. They don't count babies under one, so it would still be the cheaper price, and oh my goodness Ruth had the time of her life! I didn't know if she would be old enough to enjoy it, and definitely there was a lot that she wasn't interested in, but there was oodles of other things that she couldn't get enough of. A lady I saw there (my sister's cousin on her husband's side....haahaa. I remember her because she has red hair.) said she takes her kid every Monday because they do a story time and activities. Sounds pretty sweet to me! Cloudy days at the museum and warm days at the splash pad. Anyone else craving warm weather?!?!

PS I keep meaning to do a pregnancy post, but I haven't felt cute enough to take pictures lately. Today the dr. told me I am dilated to a 2 1/2, almost 3, (I was a 2 last week) and that I am under orders to keep my baby in for another week. Aye, aye, Cap'n. My sister just had her baby early and he's been having some scary problems, so even though I can't WAIT to lay flat on my belly and wear something besides my gray cargoes...I'll happily keep this little man in. At least for a week. I can do that, right?!?! I was kind of hoping I could get out of work this week, but two more days won't kill me. Or maybe they will. Maybe they'll put me in to labor? I keep laughing at my sister because she wants to be there (as a nurse anesthetist working in the hospital) when I have my baby, so she used to tell me to come in on Feb 14th because she works that day. Now that I'm already dilated, she's been pushing for Feb 4th...she works AND its her birthday. That sounds good to me. ( I LOVED being able to have her do my epidural with Ruthie) Although, when I have to stand for any length of time, it seems like Feb 4th is far, far away. I've felt contractions for the very first time (never had them til they induced me at the hospital with Ruth) and I definitely have felt why people think the last month is so hard. When Ruth was breech I didn't feel nearly this much pressure or waddling or difficulty being in pretty much every position. Its kind of reassuring, nice to know that my baby is head down like he is supposed to be!

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