Thursday, January 3, 2013

Only 11 o'clock?!?

Thursdays tend to feel this way for me...I get up really early to teach my sister's kids piano lessons. Then today I had a dr.'s appointment right afterwards, and then went to my other sister's house to teach her daughter a piano lesson (I had left Ruthie there for my appointment, which was super awesome). And then I went to the bank. And feels like I have run a marathon and it is only eleven. I think a nap might be in order. If the screaming child upstairs would stop screaming, and go to sleep. Sigh. She's had a rough couple of days with sleeping. Yesterday she didn't get a nap at all, why?, oh yeah...cause the plan for yesterday did not quite happen. Here was my plan for yesterday, an entire day off with Sterling:

  • Pick up an infant hiking carrier that we bought off ksl in Magna (for our little man, so excited to take him hiking this summer!!!!! And SO excited that Sterling will not be in school this summer!)
  • Get a dresser for the kid's room from Ikea and eat lunch there
  • Hope Ruthie sleeps while we drive to Thanksgiving Point
  • Play ALL DAY LONG as a simple, nice little family
Here's what REALLY happened yesterday:
Ummm...yup. That would be a flat tire.
(Sterling was super smart, of course, and used the bottom of our play pen to shield himself from the snow on the ground.)

He didn't really want to smile...but I made him. He did a GREAT job fixing our tire...I felt really bad he had no gloves. We will have to keep some in our trunk from now on.

I was very thankful she was all bundled up and had everything she needed to be warm. Why is she sticking out her tongue? No idea.
Why did our tire go flat? Still no idea. We had four brand-new tires this summer and we just had them we are just glad that Sam's fixes for free! So we didn't go to Thanksgiving Point, but we did eat lunch at Ikea and get the dresser, spent a fair amount of time shopping at Sam's Club while we got our tire fixed for free, and we stopped in real quick at the Scheel's since we were right across the street...but we were a little foot-sore by that point, so the ferris wheel, while cool, was a little anti-climatic. 
Thanks to Ethan (my little bro) and Aleesha for helping us with directions since we don't have nifty phones! Although, Ethan got a little sick of us and insisted on teaching us how to text google. Very handy.

All in all, we had a MARVELOUS day with just us. It's been so nice to spend the break with so many family members but it felt really good to have a day where it was a little more simple.

Oh and PS-at the dr.'s today he said the little man was head-down...which is happy, except it means very little. Since Ruth turned at 39 weeks, I'm not going to get that excited. But it is a LITTLE exciting. Haahaa. I'll have an extra ultrasound at my next appointment so that if he IS breech, we can schedule a version earlier than we were able to with Ruthie and maybe have better luck with it...also he wants to keep an eye on my fluid levels for the same reasons. ALSO he wants to check the baby's growth, because, as usual, I'm measuring small. Does it help at all that three people lately have told me that I've 'popped'? Haahaa. Only six more weeks!

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