Friday, January 25, 2013

Ruthie's Haircut--by Mom

After getting my hair trimmed this morning and getting a few tips from the hair dresser I decided to try cutting Ruth's hair by myself. She's had it trimmed a couple times by my mom, but it hasn't been long enough yet to cut the back and so she gets this horrible rats nest with all this frizzy baby hair. It's not perfect, but the back looks WAY better than it has the last little bit!

This is after I tried curling it a little bit. Her hair is straighter than straight. 

Every time she smiled for me she'd tip her head sideways or backwards so you can't see her hair, haha.

This is the only picture I could find that kinda shows her rats nest that needed to go. 


Carlie said...

good job! It looks great! And very cute! I hope I'm brave enough when I have girls to cut their hair... sometimes even boys haircuts scare me.

Aleesha Burke said...

SO CUTE!!!!!