Friday, January 4, 2013

New Years Eve/My Hilarious Mother

This is our New Year's Eve party. I was starting to get a bad head cold that night, so while I heard ringing in the new year was amazing, we left at around 11:30. 
Cute picture of my dad, brother Wyatt, nephew Myles, and niece Danica.

We played a charades game that my sister Megan had planned for FHE. Lindsay Ann was awesome, obviously.

Hailey also had some mad-acting skills.

I was....doing I have no idea what. 
Awwww...cute daddy/daughter. Hailey looks a little scared. I would be too, if Wyatt was my dad.
My niece Danica is now 14, which means she can go to Stake dances, which means she got all dolled up and really excited...and then decided that the crazy masses at home were more exciting than the crazy masses on the dance floor and came home to party with us. Maybe when her friends turn 14 she'll enjoy it more.
More awesome acting. I think Tim is a Harry Potter sorting hat.

 The next pictures need to be watched closely:
Grandma starts acting.
She continues acting.
Acting turns to dancing with Cassidy.
Remember how Cassidy's pants fall down, here??????? HAAAHAAHAAAHAA!
Everyone asked if I caught Cassidy's pants down cause I was laughing so hard. Sadly, no. But that look on mom's face is pretty much priceless.

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