Friday, January 18, 2013

Around Our House

There are a few things that have become quite the rage at our house lately. Some toys are new from Christmas, some have been around for quite some time. Several of which she really likes IF someone will sit down and play them with her (her puzzles specifically) but a couple of which she has suddenly just really become attached to. The Ikea stacking cups are one of these. She carries them around everywhere. She unstacks and stacks them up all the time. She even has a very meticulous system...the smaller cups have to be in FRONT of the bigger cups before she can put them inside. She rearranges them until they are that way every time. So funny.

She likes it when I stack up the cups and then she can take them down and stack them together. She also loves that big calculator. Mostly she uses it like a phone,  haha. (See the white stacking cup? For some reason if she ever has a problem re-stacking, it is always the white one she can't fit.)

That little red phone sitting beside her? We got in an awesome trading session. We should have more of those. Trading sessions, that is, one phone and one calculator is plenty :)
Mimicking mom chillaxin'.
Love this girl!
A lot of her toys go into this bin. (Once upon a time that bin held animal crackers...its a good bin.) She likes to take the lid off and on, and when its stuck too tight she carries the whole thing (bigger than she is) over to me saying "peas! peas!"
These were from Grandma Cindy for Christmas. She LOVES them. 
These nesting dolls are the perfect thing, now that she has her stacking cups down. I will put them all inside each other, she will take them all apart, then she can put them back together, but as separate dolls, she doesn't get the fitting-inside-each-other part quite yet. Usually she carries pieces of them over to me until I have enough to re-'nest' them and then the process starts over again. We played with these for thirty minutes straight yesterday. She didn't break a smile once, just seriously focused on fitting pieces together, it was so funny!

She also has started singing the Barney "Clean Up" song with us, it sounds like "EEEE---n up, EEEE-n up!" which is pretty cute. Then she'll pick up toys and put them in her bin, until she finds the lid, which she immediately has to put on, and then its a juggle to get her to take the lid off to fit the rest of the toys in. Silly girl. Haaha.

Sterling and I have also noticed lately that when she's really intrigued and watching something, she rubs her fingers together on one hand. Like the violin playing rub? She was doing that the other day when she was watching Sterling put together something, and then again when we were making dinner. We've noticed it quite a few times, and it is so interesting to me to think what is going on in her head!

Yesterday she wanted a snack, so she grabbed my hand walked me to the pantry, and then once I was there, she ran over to her booster chair and waited for me to bring it to her. She does this often. But I closed the pantry and opened the fridge door. She looks at me for a second, runs over, shuts the fridge really fast, points up to the fruit snacks, and then runs back to wait by her chair. It was so hilarious! I could just hear her saying "No mom, I want the fruit snacks!" but she can't say it yet. She's starting to communicate a LOT more like that lately, and even in her babble she has become much more directed and enunciated. I just love my little Ruthie!

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Lindsey said...

Very cute! It's always interesting to see what toy phases kids go through and then come back to.