Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Family Outing

Our good friends invited us to go swimming with them last Thursday to celebrate their daughter's 2nd birthday. Unfortunately, that same daughter threw up in the parking lot right before going in. So they cancelled. But I had spent the morning preparing (and man! what a job preparing to go swimming is!) and had even laid Ruth down for her nap an hour early to make sure she'd have a good time at the pool. Sterling and I discussed it, and decided to go anyway. It was weird, for both of us. We are both used to big families and events like swimming are accompanied with lots of people to make it fun. Would we even have fun with just us? We sure did, it was really fun to be 'just us' and I am so glad we decided to go! 

We mostly hung out in the kiddie pool with this amazing frog slide (Ruth could have gone up and down all day long!):

If you look very closely do you see that bandaid on her knee? Before she even got to go in the water she took a spill and gashed her knee enough to get blood on Sterling's shirt. We got a bandaid and she seemed good to go. Then she fell again, same spot, and it took a little bit more to convince her she was good to go. betcha. Same spot. That time it ripped the bandaid and it started bleeding again. It took her a bit to recover from that one. But some gatorade, licorice, and teddy grahams seemed to do the trick. Poor little lady.
Enough floatation devices? Haha! Ruth loved them, she learned right away that she could jump in water and float around with her awesome swimsuit from Aunt Amy. She loves being her independent little self !
She got better at waiting in line. Sort of.
Love that man. xoxo
 We put Will in the water for a little while, but there was a pretty good breeze that froze us out, plus the little floaty that Ruth used last year isn't that great for him yet because he can't sit up completely by himself. We enjoyed ourselves some bonding time, and then he hung out with daddy at the end so I could get in and play with Ruth. Oh I just love my little man. He is the cuddliest, handsomest, most perfect little baby there ever was!
Pretty sweet farmer's tan! 
Sterling took Ruth into the deeper water for some impromptu swim lessons...if you can call it swimming with that many floaties!!! Sterling would push her away and she would paddle her way back, and she was grinning the whole time! (Sorry for the pole in all the pictures, but I was nursing and thus, stuck in that spot for picture-taking.)

Not grinning so much here. But I gotta say, that face is HILARIOUS! 

 I just love those two. And she loves her daddy. And that is just one of the best feelings in the entire world. I am so blessed.

I guess we CAN be our own little family of four and it can be loads of fun! We even splurged and got some nachos (and a hot dog for Ruth)--it felt like we were at a carnival! Also, it took an entire duffel bag just to carry all our towels in, it felt like we were bringing our whole house for a two-week stay instead of just for an afternoon of swimming! But, we were well-fed and well-hydrated and thoroughly happy. (Minus my left shoulder that somehow must have missed the sunscreen application. Ouch.)

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