Monday, June 17, 2013

The Cabin

We left LATE Friday night, after Sterling got off work (thanks Bridget and Cade for waiting for us!) and Ruthie decided to be WIDE awake at midnight and entertain all of us for awhile when we got to the cabin. For some reason we were all wide awake for a bit, even though it was late, and had some fun chatting away. We decided we didn't want to wake Will up by putting Ruth in the pack 'n play to cry herself to sleep (she usually cries for a couple of minutes every time we lay her down), so we let her sleep with us. She certainly thought she was the queen bee for the moment! We snuggled in between sleeping bags with Ruth in the middle and Ruth smiled and kissed me, then Sterling, then me, then Sterling, and happily snuggled down deep. Sterling was less than impressed that she had to take her cups to bed with her (she is obsessed with stacking them). We were both considerably less than impressed when Will woke up at 5am, woke Ruth up, and neither went back to sleep.

pj's underneath some warmer clothes, it was FREEZING at 5am!
The cups she carried around and continually stacked all day.
 Since there is no insulation in the cabin, we got up and drove around the mountainside for awhile to let everyone else have a chance to sleep without noisy kids so early in the morning(I tried walking, but since Ruth wouldn't let go of her cups, her fingers froze, so we decided to drive)! I wish I would've brought my camera, we saw the most AMAZING sunrise!!!! It was kinda nice to see such a beautiful mountain in the morning, if only we had gotten more than about 4 hours of sleep!

Ruthie konked out.
 After an absolutely DIVINE breakfast of crepes with fresh strawberries, nutella, and whipped cream, we got everyone to go on a hike! It was so much fun! It was cooler up in the mountain, making it just the perfect weather for a beautiful hike.
Ruthie, Sterling, Grandma Cindy, Jenny, Ethan, Cade, Bridget, Marlowe
 Ruthie learned how to say Jenny's name while we were there. She says "Shenny" and its pretty much the cutest thing in my life. Usually she always wants to see her cousin Devaney, but yesterday after church I said that we were going to see Devaney, and she said "No! Shenny!" On the last leg of the hike she was sick and tired of the carrier and ended up being a pretty good little trooper. She still had to pick up every rock in sight, but she had some help with keeping up (Marlowe and Bridget would stay back with her and then carry her at a run to catch up with everyone).
Destination: a beautiful lake...that should be called a pond, haha! 


Make a wish!

 Ruth also spent a good portion of her day digging. For dirt. She got quite a pile too! I promise we kept sunscreen on her and her face is just red from the heat. Sterling and Cade went fishing and they were not so lucky in the sunscreen department and both came home with beautiful lobster faces, haha!

Jenny and Will

Removing Ethan's sliver. Important business going on there.
Our delicious tinfoil dinners. Love.
The beautiful cabin.
I was there!
Handsome Marlowe.
Ethan roasting with his own stick.
Best daddy ever! 
Yay for s'mores!
While we were playing Blokus, Will decided to entertain us with lots of cooing. I LOVE how his lips make a circle when he is cooing, its so adorable!
Jenny's gutted fish! YAY! They even roasted it in the fire!
 All in all, it was an absolutely FABULOUS day. Too bad it wasn't a LOT longer than just one day, oh well, better luck with that next time. I would like to say that I was a champion at Seven Wonders and got a high scores of 69! WHAT!??!!? I also am the biggest loser of Blokus. I like it, but I really cannot sit there and strategize like Cindy and Marlowe. Really though, we had a drive at sunrise, crepes, a hike, fishing, board games, card games, tinfoil dinner, s'mores, fires, dirt, and even a few songs on the guitar. It could not have been a better camping trip! Thanks everyone, we love you!

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