Tuesday, June 25, 2013

He eats!

I was talking in the mothers lounge today about the fact that the second child just flies by. I totally forgot what the normal age to roll over is (suddenly at his 4 mo dr. appt they asked me if he was rolling over...no? do I even remember when that is supposed to happen? no?) Its ok folks, he rolls over now, even without Ruthie in the room pushing him over. And then there's real food. I was SO excited the minute Ruth was 4 months old to try real food and see what she thought. Will is almost five months and I haven't even thought about it. Until today when he was grabbing at my food, and I said to Sterling, hey, we should try giving him some of this applesauce (gasp...we aren't even giving him cereal first like we should!!! haha) besides, I know the ingredients I used in case there's an allergic reaction. 

No allergies, but MAN was there ever a reaction! (I felt bad about the 2nd child shaft, and ran to get the camera to at least document the moment.) He tasted that spoonful, grabbed onto the spoon with BOTH fists, and WAILED when I pulled it away to get more. He ate two full little dollops off my plate and barely got any on his clothes and didn't spit any of it out! (there was quite a bit on his hands, he had to stick his fists in his mouth for the milliseconds in between bites)

Grabbing the spoon to 'help' the process!
All those hands! He just couldn't pull things towards him fast enough.

He eats (or, at least, has eaten). He has two bottom teeth. He can roll over. And look at those wise, big brown eyes! Oh, where has my baby gone? He is so big already and it has flown by so fast! Can't anyone learn how to slow down life? If every pregnancy, delivery, and baby was as easy and perfect as his I really would have ten more...I mean, he's slept through the night since 2 1/2 months! I think I'll start giving him some cereal for dinner and maybe then he won't wake up for his early-morning feeding that he's been keeping around 4:30-5am. I just love watching babies learn and explore new things. Sterling said he wishes that he got Will's very first expression upon tasting food on camera, he was quite surprised! 

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