Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day

 See that handsome man? He's the best. dad. ever. and I am so very happy that he is going to be my kids' dad forever! He was extra loved this father's day because we just happened to get the George Foreman and fix his dent in our car. Then he got his present (a new shirt, that he didn't wear because of his sunburn...too much red, haha!) and I even made him cookies! I'm so glad that I get to love him and especially that I get a day to remind myself of what a great husband he is to me! 

Also, my dad. I got a GREAT picture of him and me together, but alas, it is on my sister Kayli's camera. (if she is going to be so frustrated with my camera, she needs to be better about sending me the awesome pictures she takes on her camera, right?!) So we'll go with this picture of him kissing my mom's elbow. Which is appropriate. I love my dad!

Two little redheads sitting in the car!
3 redheads. 
 With that pitiful amount of obviously non-staged pictures, I will tell you about our wonderful Father's Day. We ate delicious chicken salad sandwiches and salads made by everyone. Cookies and caramel rice krispies, and then we sat around on my sister Megan's porch and chatted, and enjoyed the nice summer night. I love spending time with family! This weekend, at the cabin and at my sister's, made me start to feel a little sad about moving far, far away for medical school. It's still a year away, but still.

 After all that delicious goodness and relaxation, my little brother took me on a ride on his new motorcycle and, oh, how I LOVE motorcycles! Then we had some amazing DDR competitions. Ethan, my little brother (not to be confused with Sterling's little brother in the last post, haha) was a couple hundred points ahead of Sterling for almost the entire song, and Sterling came back and beat him by THREE points at the end! YAY honey!!!! Then I totally killed Kayli, Lindsay Ann, and mom. Of course, they had to play again, and I lost to Lindsay Ann who had some mad crazy skills and set a new record. Ruthie also joined in the dancing and had some hilarious leg-lifting skills going on. Good times had by all, what a wonderful day!

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