Monday, June 3, 2013

A Swiss Visit!!!!

My sister Kayli and her family have lived in Switzerland for FAR too long, but are remedying the situation with a nice, LONG visit this summer. Long enough to make the plane tickets worthwhile :). They are off to visit her husband's family in Vernal right now, but I got to see them for a day before they headed out, and it was SO much fun! I made Jethro talk in German, and we took pictures of our babies that are three weeks apart, and Kayli made us Thai Curry Chicken while being very happy about things like parking lots, shopping carts that are free to use, and other random things. SO MUCH FUN! Also, she introduced us to a Swiss card game that I want her to send me now! Can't wait to see you MUCH more in July Kate and fam!

This is Will going "YAY! Wyatt came to visit!"
Kayli took a bunch of pictures of everyone outside playing on bikes/lawn mowers/rangers. Until she got sick of my lamesauce camera and went and got her own.

Grandma was helping get some smiles!
So happy together. happy together??
Kayli decided to practice her photographing skills. It went.....well.  
She even fluffed my hair for me. True sister.
Danica is driving and I think Ethne is beside her. Kiersten, Talmage and Hazel are in the back. Ruthie was in there for quite some time, she LOVED it. 
Right about this time Kayli got fed up with my camera, and went and got her own.
Later that night, my sister Andrea came, so we got pictures of Wyatt, Will and Oskar all together (Wyatt is three weeks older than Will, and Oskar is three weeks younger) but again, Kayli used her camera, so hopefully I'll get those pictures and be able to post soon! It was a wonderful day, and SO MUCH FUN to see Kayli and her family again! This July is going to be a BLAST with SO much FAMILY. Really, our family is so excited to see each other we have a google calendar just for our gathering events. Awesome. Cannot wait!

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I love that I'm here!!!!!!