Monday, June 24, 2013

Roastin' Pit

Remember our good friends? All the babies are finally here and we could party again! The Schultz's just put in an awesome fire pit and we made good use of it! The best part...all those adorable little babies. And that picture of all three proud papas and their tiny little ones? Our life is just so good. And filled with so many wonderful people. Thanks guys! (our baby is almost 5 months and the other two are barely three weeks, I can't believe how fast he's grown! and how tiny they are!)

Sterling & Will, Eric & Sam...can we say CLONE babies?!?!?! And little Reagan looks just like her big sister, I think.

I stole this picture from the Schultz's. Thanks guys!
Flashback to November, and now our little group has almost doubled in size!
We're building our house in their backyard when we finish medical school. Its the best plan ever! 
They reluctantly gave each other a hug when I asked...I think Myah is a little scared of Ruth's crazy outgoingness.

And, of course, the most handsome man there. 
Thanks everyone for a great night! We have such great friends! And I can't believe how many little people are starting to populate our parties! Just yesterday we were all newlyweds in the same apartment complex building snowmen and staying up WAY too late at each other's places. I am so glad we got to grow into parenthood with such wonderful examples and friends. And what a great way to spend a beautiful summer night, the longest night of the year even! 

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