Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Littles

The other morning I thought Ruthie was looking especially cute and tried to snap a few photos. Of course, between figuring out the lighting and the camera setting, and then trying to get a smile, the pictures did not turn out that great. But the girl sure still looks adorable! I love me some Ruthie!
Shirt courtesy of Devaney hand-me-down, and skirt courtesy Bell hand-me-down. Gotta love older cousins!

Ruthie can now open doors all by herself. The other morning I was getting ready for the day and thought she was downstairs playing nicely with her toys. Come to find the garage door open and Ruth playing in the gutter-stream in bare feet! AH! I now bolt our front and garage door. She still gets into the pantry, and I still need to rearrange the stuff in there. But at least no more runaways! 

Ruth also loves to sing. She goes around singing an original compilation of several songs she knows. Usually it has a bit of "Old Dog Blue" and "Doo-daa" from our disney cd's, a bit of Twinkle, Twinkle and "I Like Your Eyes" from the good-night songs we sing her, and then some ad lib. It is pretty adorable. 

Another thing that I love about Ruth right now is asking her how she is. She always says "Goot" with real gusto and a really hard 't' sound and then bobs her head up and down once to add finality to the response. I just love it. I will be so sad when her 'good' sounds just like everyone else's. 

Sterling was playing with Will the other day while I, obviously, was ignoring them. He was getting Will to laugh so hard that he grabbed the camera and got this great shot. (See why I think he smiles like a lizard sometimes? Its just the tongue at the tip of the mouth thing...) Will has the greatest grin! 

His laugh is pretty much the cutest thing in my life. It seems to just gurgle right out of him as if he just can't help himself. Ruth usually startles/scares him when she puts her face in his and yells "hi!" as she runs on by, but every once in a while she comes up nicely and spends some quality smile-time with him. I love seeing them laugh and smile back and forth.


The end.

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Carlie said...

your kids really are so cute! Just wait until Ruthie can push a chair up to what she wants... a dead bolt on the door won't stop her... believe me, I know! Good luck!