Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cousins, Zoo, and Kids

I decided to post all three of these pictures because I think its interesting to watch what each kid is doing in each picture:
Natalie (my brother Wyatt's), Harriet (my sister Andrea's), Ruthie, Devaney (my sister Megan's), and Jack (my brother Wyatt's)

The popsicle pictures are on my doorstep, because we had an awesome popsicle party at my house after these lovely kids performed their piano recital! I don't actually teach Hailey and Anders. My mom teaches Hailey and my sister Megan teaches Anders, but I teach the rest. And 'tis true that Danica and Myles are taller than me...and I am even wearing heels in this picture. Sad.

We took a trip to the zoo. Despite Will's frightened expression in this photo, he enjoyed himself. I like how it seems like his seat is floating...we have an awesome new stroller!

Rockin' the hat and sunglasses! 

And then, we have a ton of pictures of Will because...because. He is at the cutest stage and has the best grin and is just so squishy and kissable and soft that I just can't get enough of him!

He clasps his hands together a lot, I like it. See that super long tuft of hair on top?I can't decide, I probably should cut it, but I just love it so much! 

And we'll end on this beautiful note. (See what I mean about the hand clasp?)
The end.


Lynn said...

Your kids are growing up SO fast! Adorable as always.

Kami said...

Oh, Will is cute!