Friday, March 8, 2013

40 years

I saw this sitting on my parents counter and I had to post. My parents, the Stake Valentine's Dance, February 2013. 10 kids, 42 grandkids, and 40 1/2 years into their marriage and they still look that happy. And my mom still looks that skinny. And my dad still has that totally mischievous smile like in the first photo. They are that great. Hope we look that good in 37 1/2 years!!!!! (To be fair, they only had 41 grandkids at the time of the photo. HAAHAA)
I had to try and find a comparison picture. I went and found mom's first photo album looking for this picture. Dad and mom just discussed it for awhile, but they'd been married 4 years in this photo(my mom is pregnant with my second oldest sister, Amy). 

And then I had to post this one. Mostly cause I had never seen it before and also because my mom looks perfectly and amazingly beautiful in that awesome outfit and my dad is...holding a lynx?!!!!  Awesome?! (Dad said he shot it in Fort St John, B.C.) There were also lots of pictures of my mom with dogs, horses, my dad with horses, etc. I also didn't realize how many dresses my mom saved (and I have tried on and worn) from SO LONG ago. I want to do that, but I don't have any cool dresses like she did. How rude. And now I should really go to bed and put the photo albums away.


Lynn said...

I just love your mom and dad! Seriously. Always have. They are certainly the coolest parents. ; )

Carlie said...

Those are great pictures! And your parents are the best example! I love how in the middle picture, your dad and Wyatt look exactly alike... and in the last picture, your and your mom looks so similar!