Thursday, March 7, 2013


You'll notice this blog is missing...PICTURES! Sterling took the camera with him to San Francisco (sob, tear...only two more days--do you realize that until Will was in the hospital Sterling and I had never slept apart in our three years of marriage? And now an entire WEEK?!?!) and even though my kids are absolutely adorable, there are no pictures of them. Here's a list of whats been happening around these parts though.

  • Today Ruth played in her crib for over an hour, but never went to sleep. About the time she started banging her crib against the wall was about the time I decided to give up. So we went on a walk, and I hoped she might fall asleep there. She did, after half an hour of walking, which meant I had to continue walking to keep her asleep. Which meant we went on an almost two hour walk. There's about one block of level road in our neighborhood, so when I got sick of circling that, I started on the hills. Remind me to never do that again. 
  • Will is getting super chubby and I love, love, love it. Also, he loves the tub just as much as Ruthie did. And Ruthie likes to help him enjoy the tub, which means she usually ends up just as wet by 'helping' me as she would if she just got in with him!
  • Tonight I was eating ice cream on the living room floor and feeding bites to Ruth periodically when she'd come and sit down on my legs. At one such moment she gave me her devilish grin and then toppled over backwards, laughing her head off. It was hilarious. She proceeded to do that several, several times once she realized I got as big of a kick out of it as she did.
  • Earlier today when I was feeding Will, Ruth got tired of finding stuff to do (as often happens when I am feeding Will) and started spinning in circles until she a)ran into something, or b)fell over. One time when she fell over she lifted her leg up, and she must have been really dizzy because it made her whole body kinda turn and she looked at me with a really concerned look on her face. So funny.
  • I took an unintended nap on the couch today (after our long walk) while I was feeding Will and woke up to Ruth crying because she tipped the vacuum over, but not before I had a really confusing end to my dream. A marriage counselor was trying to tell me I didn't have enough romance in my marriage, and I couldn't figure out why, until I turned to look at my husband, and it was my brother Wyatt! I kept trying to tell the counselor that obviously, that wasn't my husband, and it was fine that I had no attraction to Wyatt. Weird.
  • And...thats all for today folks.

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Kayli said...

Ha ha, that was a funny dream. :)