Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pajamas and a Kindle

Ruth's smile is a little forced...because it was. Haahaa. But this is the best picture I think I've ever been able to get of both of them!
Sweet kisses.

Staring, much?
And a smile from the little man.
Yup. We got a kindle. Rather, Sterling got ME a kindle for my birthday/anniversary/Valentine's that kinda got overtaken by having Will and being in the hospital. I didn't mind...but he did. Plus, I think he secretly really wanted one. I've been surprised by how much I really like it. Ruth, on the other hand, LOVES it-and does really well with it. 
Love the saggy cheeks. Love my chubby man.

Trying to elbow her brother away.

"Mom! Baby!" (Translate: The baby is leaning on me and I really don't like it!) But he looks adorable, so I left him there and took another picture.


Carlie said...

haha. we got a Kindle for Christmas too! Really, my husband got himself a Kindle, disguised as a present for me!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay ----Will is getting so big. His cheeks are so
chubby and he is getting rolls everywhere!!!!!
What a cutie! Adorable. Love Ruthie's tea set.
Now - what will you get her for her birthday....hmmmm!????
LOve you. Mom