Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Many, many photos

Ruth loves to help these days. Often annoying and even more often it isn't really helpful, but it just melts your heart to see her efforts! She loves to help with Will and when he cries she chants "Bu-ddy, Bu-ddy, shhh, shh." Which is exactly what I do, only she is ten times cuter about it. She loves to be doing whatever I am doing. 

I told her to say 'cheese' and she came running full-speed toward me. Didn't help the picture-taking process.
Shoes! Ruth never fit her crib shoes until she could already walk and needed soles, but his feet are big and chubby and they look so adorable in these shoes! He doesn't seem impressed, but you can see his little cheek dimples here that are in the same spot as Sterling's.


He lifts his head up always. Sterling was complaining that he can't even burp him over his shoulder because he won't lay his head down. 'Tis true.

Look at those saggy cheeks! I just love them!
Dimples again.
Shoes again.
Going on a walk in this beautiful 60 degree weather.
How fast can I stuff these fruit snacks into my mouth?
She enjoyed pushing the stroller instead of being pushed. That meant we stopped at every person's lawn and either picked up pine cones or took some out of our stroller and gave them some pine cones. It was so beautiful outside, it was ok that it took fifteen minutes to go half a block.

The next few pictures are from last weekend, but since Ruth is upstairs chatting away (I laid her down forty minutes ago) and I think we might be transitioning into no nap (WHAT??? How will I live???), I'm just going to stick everything into one post.

Ruth has the longest eyelashes. So beautiful.

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Kami said...

He is super cute. He looks like I imagined your children, and then Ruth happened. :)