Friday, March 15, 2013

Let the good times roll...

Around these parts we've been hangin' out and enjoying the record high 70s temps. In our driveway with bubbles, in walks around our neighborhood, walks with my sister and her kids in Layton, and meeting up with my sisters Andrea and Megan at the park. (Megan thought we were exercising. Ha. Ha. Instead we played at the park while she ran laps with her dog. Although, I do need to start up...sometime.) I have chosen the beautiful weather over cleaning my bathroom for four days straight now. I might get to it. Also, my little man is the CUTEST baby there ever was. I just can't get over how adorable he is. His 0-3 months clothes barely fit and he's cruising through his 3 mo outfits so fast he might be able to wear each outfit once before he's too big for them. I can't believe it. Can we rewind? And pause? Forever?!!??!?! And now, for the slew of pictures.
Twizzlers with the cousins.
Remember how Ruthie likes to push the stroller? Gave Harriet a great off-roading experience!
For some reason I just love this photo. My little girl is SO BIG!
 Harriet didn't seem to mind.
She kind of runs. It is a little more goofing off than anything else though.
Eli, Emeline, Miriam, Cowen. Champions of the hill.
A little bit of daddy time. Can't wait for the semester to end!
The cutest baby alive. Ever.

See his shirt? He's a tough guy. He doesn't mind his sisters finger thats going straight for his eye.
She thinks she's hilarious.
She would not smile. And yes, her pants are boys and her hoodie is boys. I found them going through Will's hand-me-downs and decided to pull them out for her.

Really, this photo is amazing. They are going to show it when she's prom queen or something at an assembly. Devaney, whom I called Lynnaea all morning. Poor girl. I did give her lots of pushes though, so I suppose it made up for it.
She loved the swing, but would not look at the camera and smile simultaneously.

Miriam and Devaney, and you can see Ruth on the stairs if you look really hard. 
Beautiful weather. Wonderful family. Definitely needs to happen all summer long. Too bad its supposed to snow next weekend. Glad we're getting in all this playing while we can!

PS Day 2 of 'sleep training' and Will slept twice for three hour stretches. It was beautiful. And then I had to get up at five to teach piano when he had just eaten at four. Livin' the good life.

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