Monday, March 11, 2013


I realize that in Utah, even though it feels remarkably like springtime, there will probably be some future setbacks-like a snowstorm-but around these parts we have definitely been enjoying some of the sunshine!
There is something really adorable about their tiny little dimples and folds. I'm so glad Ruth still has dimples on her elbows and fingers. And those big brown eyes are just perfect.

Sweet hugs.
She loves taking hats on and off. This hat is especially adorable--why? my sister Amy gave it to us, and she has incredible taste.
Ruth could crawl up and onto everything and go down the slides all by herself. Parks are going to be so much more fun this year than last!!!!!
 Did I mention STERLING CAME HOME?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Best day of my life. Ruth was very excited too. I kept telling Sterling that Will was HUGE and he wouldn't believe it, but then, since I had told him so often, it wasn't that surprising. What was surprising, was how much bigger he thought Ruth looked. She did learn about 10-15 new words while he was gone, actions to two songs, how to say Will's name, and a few other things, and she is just getting so smart these days. Like today, she learned how to crawl up the bar stools and onto the island. It was the only place I thought Will was safe from her. Not anymore! Also today, she asked for chicken nuggets and then afterwards kept pointing to the cupboard, until I pulled out cheerios, and then she says "Please??" Hmmm...cheerios and chicken nuggets for lunch? I guess it could be worse. She is starting to really understand conversations, even if she doesn't know all the words, and I just can't believe she can communicate that well!

So perfect. We love daddy SO much! 
Loving this sling. Makes it so I can push Ruth and carry Will at the same time. 

There are flowers popping up in the flower beds in front of our house! So exciting!


Andrea said...

Wow--Will has gained weight!!!!

And yes, Eli is probably the most popular of the family names right now. Olivia used to be, Katelyn there for awhile, Isabel definitely had her moment in the sun. I think Jack might be as popular as Eli right now--I would have to check the social security website to find out for sure. William is in the top 100--but I'm not sure where Will as a stand alone name would fall in the charts.

All my boys' names have been on the leading edge of a huge upswing in popularity so I imagine it will be the same with Oskar. It is already climbing the charts pretty steadily.

My girls' names aren't popular in and of themselves, but I certainly fall into the super trendy old-fashioned names trend. I don't mind. I am a creature of my generation, after all. :)

Lindsey said...

Wow, Will does look so much bigger than when I saw him!