Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We probably should have named him Sterling Jr. haha! Here are pictures of Sterling, Will, Ruth and me. I had a hard time trying to find similar pictures at similar ages, but here you go! (Older pics first and then really newborn pics--oh and Ruth and I are wearing the same blessing dress from Aunt LaVerle. She made Ruthie a new, similar one, but I also took pictures of her in my old one.)


Kami said...

He looks like Sterling with your eyes. And Ruth still looks random as your child. Although I do think she looks more like Sterling than you. Now, do you feel gratified?

Kayli said...

I was also going to say just like STerling but with your eyes. Two people said it, it's a trend. (Were you even there when that phrase began? It was a Rook game with Jared...)

Anyway, it's harder to tell with the other pictures because of the eyes being closed.