Sunday, March 10, 2013


This little guy (according to my awesome calculations of weighing myself and then weighing myself holding him) has gained TWO POUNDS in the one week since he's been out of the hospital. Can we say chubster???? He feels so much heavier to hold now, and his little legs and arms are all ropy-poly and there are even rolls on his back! I cannot even believe how quickly he's gone from a scrawny little man to such a chubby one. I guess thats why he eats every hour and a half so that I never get any sleep! (He's getting much better about that though, luckily for me.) 
My mother is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. And she looks so natural holding a little babe. She was amazingly wonderful and let me crash her house for two more days while I waited for Sterling to come home from San Fran. Not only that, but she chatted with me, made me meals, held my baby so I could eat, rocked my baby, ooh'd and ahh'd over what a perfect little baby I had, and let Ruth 'help' her vacuum and mop--which made things take much longer. She also let me eat her cadbury eggs. Thank you so much for letting us stop by! Love you mom!


Aleesha Burke said...

He is chubby! I swear he is going to catch up to Lydia way too fast! Alright we really have to get healthy, stay healthy, and start PLAYING!

Andrea said...

When I went out on Sunday, Mom exclaimed over how much heavier Will is than Oskar. He must be gaining! However, the real question is whether or not he'll get as roly-poly as Harriet.