Monday, March 4, 2013

Little Monkey

I'm hiding out at my parents for a couple days while Sterling is off in San Fran for a week sleeping at an apparently "terrible" hostel, and racking up 40 hours of service. (Its a program WSU does over Spring Break...I did it when I was in the dental hygiene program and we went to Seattle.) Luckily, being at the parents means I get the chance to steal and play with my mom's new camera she got for Christmas. Its amazing. Plus, then I can take pictures of this adorable outfit from my good friend Aleesha---Ruth loves the sock monkey head on the hood and thinks it should be pulled over his eyes every chance she gets. Awesome. I think I'll have to come back to my parents later this week just to use the camera some more. Or to make the week pass faster. One entire week without Sterling, sigh. He did buy me an absolutely GORGEOUS arrangement of flowers to enjoy while he is gone. And he spent his last day doing all our grocery shopping with me (thank you so much to Grandma Cindy for giving us two hours to our selves!) and cleaning our car inside and out and doing whatever little errands I put on a list for him. Because he is amazing like that, and he wanted me to be all taken care of. Love that man SO much.

Cutest kids ever. I love them so much its really just crazy. Will is doing really well, and hopefully no more sicknesses around here for a long time! We're ready for spring and summer and outside walks. Not too much to ask of March, right!?!

Love the eyebrow.

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