Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cousins and Playdough

Ruth, Devaney, Harriet
 The other day we were at my sister Megan's house canning peaches (only I wasn't canning but I was there) and these girls were playing together tremendously well. Such cutie pies!

I have very few play dough skills, so I just made a note for Ruth:

This little one holds my heart:

 She kept cheesing like the above picture, so I told her to open her eyes and got the picture below:

This picture is just so perfectly Will. I love his eyes. I loves his cheeks. I love that boy.

We had a great time playing with playdough. I like keeping it in my fridge and pulling it out whenever the fancy strikes. Good thing this is my blog or that might have been a ridiculous number of similar-looking pictures. Love those two!

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